Who Am I?

Many bloggers define themselves by their relationships with others: daughter, wife, sister, twin, aunt, manager, gimp, confidant, friend, random stranger.

I am all of these, but for this blog I am mostly defined by who I was not, namely a mother.

But just because I tried, and mostly failed, to get knocked up since November 2006 I don't use this blog to wallow. The last thing I want to read is a load of "Its not fair" so I wouldn't expect you to.

I've had three IUIs and three IVFs without success. Our fourth IVF in April 2012, resulted in a short-lived pregnancy. Our fifth attempt, a frozen embryo transfer in December 2012, got a positive and we (well let's face it, I) had our beautiful baby Olive on the 31st of July.

For the full tale of what we have, and haven't, tried in the quest to pass on our genes have a look at this timeline.

To get to grips with this blog you'll also need to know:
  • I'm British and live in central London (the original one, not Massachusetts)
  • I spell colour with a 'u', realise with an 's'
  • For me periods are monthly heavy bleeding from my under-carriage not full-stops (and I'll never refer to it as Aunt Flo)
  • I don't take myself too seriously, and neither should you
  • I need to point that out because I don't use emoticons ;) or Not Really!!!!'s
  • In fact more than one exclamation mark means I have either had an aneurysm or something incredibly exciting has just occurred
  • I don't drop the 'f-bomb'
  • I just write 'fuck' and its derivatives
  • My punctuation is shit, but I do try
  • I have a real weakness for puns and double entendres
  • This is the post I consider my crowning glory
  • I started this blog when I was 31 and finished when I was 39.
  • You'll see frequent references to the wombmate, she is my twin sister, who also has to have IVF to procreate - although for different reasons to me. Who says lightning doesn't strike twice?
  • I try and write my posts so they work without knowing much of my backstory, but the green words are links to other posts that give a bit more detail
  • And I love a bullet pointed list.

I love getting comments, who doesn't? But if you want a more private arena feel free to email me at: womb4improvement@gmail.com