Friday, 13 November 2015

My Girls

Turns out having twins makes you quite busy!

I've been home from hospital since Tuesday and today is the first opportunity I've had to update you all.

The birth story will have to wait.

The names caused us a nightmare. Remember I told you we thought we had the names sorted and then a quick google search showed that the names we'd chosen were a low rent lingerie brand? The names were Iris and Edie. See:

So we tried to find something else.

Iris was the name that we both agreed on. So we struggled to find a name that would work with that (and Olive).

I liked Esme. He didn't.

He was keen on Lily but I didn't want all the girls to have a theme of plant names.

We were very, very close to Ellie before we realised that if Olive's name gets shortened to Ollie (which some of her nursery staff have already started to use) we'd have Ollie and Ellie.

Eventually we decided on Iris and Edith and yes, Edith is already being shortened to Eadie.

I guess I've just got to hope the pants brand is short lived and soon forgotten.

But you don't want to hear about that - here's the money shots of my babies.

 Iris and Edith

Olive and Edith

I can't tell you how happy, content and in love I am. 


  1. Actually, YES, we wanted to hear ALL ABOUT THE NAMES! Thank you for sharing them, and the travails in choosing them. They are a beautiful trio of names, and a beautiful trio of girls, and NO WONDER you're happy.

  2. LOVE the names. So sweet. The girls are gorgeous. And the look on Olive's face is precious. Congratulations lady! You have an amazingly beautiful family!

  3. Your girls are beautiful (although neither Olive nor Edith look happy with each other)! Congratulations!

    Someone, somewhere will find a way to make fun of their names, no matter what. Go with what you like...

  4. I am so thrilled for you! Hope the beautiful and wonderfully named girls are being kind to you xxx. Btw, I've got a triple buggy if you need it!

  5. Thumbs up to you. Well written and well described with beautiful pictures. So cute girls. Congrats! I have a great experience with Test Tube Baby Center in India.

  6. Adorable! And as long as you are happy with the names who cares about the knickers. Anyway I don't see you as a Debenhans shopper!

  7. Love all the names and LOVE the pic of Olive and Edith! What a wonderful trio of darling little girls!

  8. Gorgeous baby girls! Congratulations! x

  9. Beautiful girls and I love the names....LOVE them. I love the classics! I have been following you since before you were pregnant with Olive. So happy to see these two beautiful girls join your family. Many congratulations. Can't wait to hear how the birth went....I hope it was as smooth as possible.

  10. I was always keen on Esme. It didn't look good on a boy though. Congratulations! Twins is like laughing in the face of most fertile women who can only manage one at a time :-) Still as much in love and besotted with my own even as developing beardy teens. Enjoy the journey.

  11. Congratulations on the 2 beautiful additions to your family.

  12. They're gorgeous! Congratulations, all of you.

    (Here are some great answers to the daft questions people apparently ask you when you have twins -

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