Sunday, 13 September 2015

29 Weeks

I keep having to tell my Dad and Step-Mother that no news is good news.

Having scans every two weeks doesn't generate the same level of excitement as two or possibly three precious opportunities to see your growing baby throughout a 'normal' pregnancy. So I keep forgetting to update them on the latest news.

And the latest news is brilliant, but dull. Namely that the babies (now at 29 weeks and three days) are both growing consistently well at at the same rate (there is a 9% difference in size) and my blood pressure - which was a sign of the pre-ecclampsia I had with Olive - is normal.

In many ways this pregnancy has felt easy. I've been tired. Knackered. But that's to be expected and I usually manage to sneak in a quick nap whilst the husband cooks supper once Olive is in bed.

I've also discovered the sick room at work. To anyone else it might look like a starkly lit box with a plastic bench in the corner, to me it is a place of ultimate sanctuary where I can sneak off to for a strategic fifteen minute nap and no one is any the wiser.

With (hopefully) six weeks and four days until the consultant wants the babies out and just three weeks left at work things are feeling manageable.

I'm getting excited about meeting the little blighters.

In fact the thing that is concerning me most is names.


And you know me I can't help but veer towards the names that have a punchline.

We've used the middle-name Frances with Olive which is lucky because otherwise Ivy F would definitely have still been in contention. One of my goddaughters is called Pheobe - which is helping me resist the temptation of using that name for twin two (Free-be, geddit?).

A mate once told me if he had twin girls he'd call them Beatrice and Tabitha. Nice names. But, obviously, Beer and Tabs for short. (If that doesn't translate across the ocean; Tabs are slang for cigarettes).

Naming one child is hard enough but when you need to name two it gets tricky.  I don't want names that match, but equally there has to be some kind of continuity. So I couldn't call, for example, one Clytemnestra and one Helen - because one is so unusual and long whilst the other is short and relatively normal - no offence any Helen's reading this.  (And if you get why I picked those two random names - award yourself an extra geek point).

And then you have to throw Olive into the mix. I'm not going to name these next two after plants/ trees or all three written down together would start to look like the index of a horticultural tome. And my sister made a valid point that all three should have different initials so that letters to Miss O. XXX don't cause confusion.

I thought I'd got it. Names that my husband and I both loved. They were of a similar length and vintage and worked well together without rhyming or being alliterations.

So I googled them.

Just to check.

Turns out an underwear brand stocked in a department store found in every town in the UK had come to the same conclusion. I'd now no sooner use those two names together than Dolce & Gabbana.

As tricky dilemmas go it is a fun one to have, and I can't help but scan the credits of every TV show for ideas. But we've yet to reach any conclusions.

Which is fine.

I've got plenty of time.