Friday, 31 July 2015

Twins are special

Twins are special.

I assumed that people would be blasé about the idea of twins as everything I read states that they are on the increase. The reason for the surge in the number of twins isn't just IVF. Hyper stimulation followed by Intrauterine Insemination is likely to force more than one egg out of your ovaries and thus more chance of multiple births. Also, intriguingly, as women approach menopause their eggs go all lemming-like jumping off a cliff (or ovary) with gay abandon, so again they are more likely to release two eggs in any given month.

So don't just assume that an older mother with twins has gone down the drugged-up, medicalised route that I've opted for.

Despite all this twins are special.

I know this because of the attention that I receive every time people realise I'm not just pregnant but pregnant with twins.

Even from people I wouldn't expect.

As I queued amongst a plethora of other pregnant women to book my next scan the bored receptionist took my referral without even looking up. He started to type in my details when he suddenly perked up. "Twins clinic?! Congratulations."

Three people sent me a link to this twin photo.

Three different people texted me within minutes of The Secret Life of Twins starting on ITV.

No one ever sent me a link to information about single babies when I was pregnant with Olive (or Doug/ Dymphna as she was known then).

Also, a few weeks ago I met a guy in a park.

Not like that you filthy minded bunch.

He was hanging out by the swings with his adorable nearly three year old twins. We got chatting. On the downside he confirmed what I had feared, I will not sleep for at least two years. But on the plus side he has given (GIVEN!) me their now redundant double buggy. It would have cost about £600 new and approximately half that second hand but in selfless display of twin parent comradeship he has just given it to me knowing that every saving counts.

Yesterday I accosted a woman I had never spoken to before and within moments I had got her phone number. She is a mother of twins at the same nursery as Olive and I grabbed her at drop off and asked if I could have a chat with her sometime about twins. To you Americans this might not seem like a big deal but we Brits know you don't swap phone numbers until you have been on nodding acquaintance for at least three months followed by a good six months of weather conversations.

But twins are special.

So we've already got a playdate planned.

And my twins are doing well. I had a scan on Wednesday they are still a very similar size (one pound, two and three ounces respectively). Apparently if twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome is going to manifest itself it usually does so by 24 weeks. The latest scan being at 22 weeks and six days is therefore incredibly reassuring.

My twins are special.


  1. Oh my goodness, yes, twins are special. We got so many free things while i was pregnant. People were incredibly interested in every bit of my pregnancy and wanted to know everything- on occasion way toooo much! It doesn't end either-- my boys will be three in two weeks and we still get stopped almost everywhere we go, not with the frequency that we did when they were babies, but pretty consistently 3-4 times per week!

  2. "we Brits know you don't swap phone numbers until you have been on nodding acquaintance for at least three months followed by a good six months of weather conversations."

    It's one thing I love about the British. We've now been going to Gwen's new nursery since October, and the only reason I know the name of one of the other parents is that she and I are our respective departmental ethics representatives, so we've been at meetings together occasionally over the last year. (It still took about two of those meetings and then dropping off our kids at the same time one morning before we realized that we 'knew' each other.) Last week I wrote a note for Gwen to leave in the tray of one of her friends address "Dear Eleanor's Mom", because we wanted to invite Eleanor over to play some weekend. Since February I've been to three birthday parties and a nursery field trip where the same sets of parents tend to show up, and yet despite this, none of us have ever introduced ourselves to each other.

  3. I think it's extra special when they're identical, just so cool that two people can look exactly like each other! I follow a blog and the girl has identical twin boys but she didn't know they were identical until they were a year old. They were in separate sacs with their own cords so she had no way of knowing for sure w/o a DNA test. They have t-shirts that say "Yes, we're twins. Yes, we're identical" to stop being asked all the time but she's glad that she doesn't have to say "I don't know" anymore when people ask if they're identical:)

  4. Twin mum sisterhood is AMAZING! Also, twins are treated like mini celebrities. Loads of people smile when they see you coming. You also get stopped a lot and asked the same questions over and over. So much fun.

  5. 22 and 6. It's amazing how other people's pregnancies zip by, because I did a double take when I read that. The linked photo is hilarious, especially the bit about the wine. I'll drink to that. So glad it's going swimmingly, and well done on the double buggy.

  6. I don't know how different we are here in America - my daughter was in daycare for 3 years at one place and I don't think I ever learned more than 1 or 2 names of parents. I might be slightly antisocial though.

    Excellent job on scoring a twin conveyance!

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