Saturday, 4 July 2015

Gender Reveal

According to Pinterest I'm supposed to bake a cake with either a pink or blue inside and have a big party where friends and family gather to watching the cutting of the cake and gasp in amazement when they discover the babies are boys or girls.

Let's face it the sex of the babies is only really of interest to the parents and even then its not a massive surprise they are going to be girls or boys. (And don't start getting indignant on behalf of the transgender community at this stage genitalia is the only clue we have).

We told the sonographer we wanted to know the sex right at the start of the scan and spent the next 45minutes waiting to be told what we were having whilst she seemed more interested in minor things like blood flow to from the placenta and checking the hearts had the right number of chambers.

As she went through she told us what she could see and also spoke to her colleague tapping away on the computer behind her. She used exactly the same tone regardless of who she was speaking to say it was difficult to know when we were supposed to respond or keep quite. The more technical terms I assumed weren't meant for us whilst the stating the obvious "and there is the cerebellum - which is used for balance" was for our benefit.

At one point I thought she casually told us the gender as I heard her murmur "and there's two boys", at the same moment the husband heard "and there's two balls" it was only when she pointed them out that we realised she said "and there's two bones [in the leg]".

Right at the end she said with a flourish "And now to find out the sex".

She wriggled around and got one of the babies to give her the money shot.


I know I shouldn't have a preference.

But I did.

I do.

And I am delighted.


  1. delighted for you! My Suzy is almost two and a half and I still feel slightly guilty for not being able to come up with a boy's name in case her twin had lived and been a boy.

  2. Hooray! Sisters are just wonderful!!!

  3. Yey I thought Girls! Wonderful News! xx

  4. That's so sweet, and just like your family of birth, if I remember right? Wonderful!

  5. Yay congratulations!!! Twin girl! So exciting!

  6. Replies
    1. Oh, added note: Other people who are interested in the gender would be people interested in buying gifts for the babies.

  7. Congratulations-- as a Mama of 3 girls, I can tell you it's a party! :-)

  8. Congrats on 2 more adorable girls! All girls does have its perks- clothes sharing, room sharing forever, only having to deal with 1 path of development during puberty...


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