Saturday, 23 May 2015

Telling Work

I have been quite militant in the past about how to announce a pregnancy. Back in 2008 I decreed the best way was by email, I detail it here but in summary it was "By email. A short, happy one, not too full of details."

I decided to tell my work colleagues this time in one shot - rather than it becoming a whispered rumour, and risk missing people I thought I'd send an all office email. I still remember a colleague casually asking a heavily pregnant, normally very slim, workmate if she "was up to anything this summer." He'd missed news of her pregnancy and was trying to subtly ask if she was actually up the duff.

Unfortunately one of my self-imposed rules broke was I had to send it to people's work email address.

This was the email:

From: Me
Date: Thursday, May 21, 2015
To: Team
Cc: The Boss
Subject: Buns in the oven

Dear All

It seemed appropriate to announce my latest pregnancy by doing some baking so there is cake in the usual place.

So that we can get over the small talk – you don’t feel obliged to ask, I don’t have to repeat myself here is the conversation we would have had:

How pregnant are you?
13 weeks today

I can’t do the maths, when are you due?
In theory 26 of November but given that Olive was three weeks early and twins are usually premature I’m guessing October.

Twins?! Seriously?
Yes – note the plural in the title of this email

Do you know the sex?
If by that you mean do I know the gender not yet, I’ll find out in a couple of months. But I will find out rather than wait.

If you mean something else, I decline to comment.

Have you thought of names?
At the moment we are thinking Stacey and Tracey for girls or Romulus and Remus for boys. 


What if they are a boy and a girl?
They won’t be, they are the creepy identical type.

OMG!!! Its going to be hell. My cousin had twins and she had a awful time …
Please can we change the subject now? What are you doing this weekend?


The cake went down well and the email went viral (my boss forwarded it to three people).

It'd be fair to say I don't work in a massively corporate environment.


  1. I love this! So excited for you- raising twins is so fun!

  2. Wonderful news! Love it.

  3. A fine email if I do say so myself.

  4. A fine email if I do say so myself.

  5. I would greatly enjoy receiving this type of work email. Nice job!

  6. Congrats and tee hee... Romulus and Remus is a nice touch.

  7. I approve of the names. Whole-heartedly.

  8. So excited for you. My daughter had an FET on 3/16 and is due on 12/1. After reading your post last week on the surprise blip, my daughters ultrasound was yesterday and I was half hoping there was a surprise too but very excited for you and for my daughter.

  9. You are super awesome for announcing this way!!! I love this, this could seriously go viral online! SO FUNNY!

  10. Congrats on having your own womb-mates!

  11. Great email ... Olive is going to be in her element & you will be crazy busy & it's going to be too much fun. They will nap at the same time everyday & it will be the only respite you get but its so worth it. Makes me want another 2 .... Only joking xxx


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