Wednesday, 22 April 2015

9 Week Scan

If I'd told you how often I've googled "missed miscarriage after heart beat" and "I just knew I'd miscarried despite no blood" over the last week you'd be backing away from your computer in alarm right now.

As it, is my spectacular  track record of having no feminine intuition has held firm and I have most definitely not  miscarried. The scan showed a baby with a strong heartbeat, tiny little buds of arms and legs, and even a little wiggle for the camera.

I continue to take the drugs for another week then begin to drop some and wean off others. The steroids take the longest to wind down from as you have to decrease the dose over four weeks. The bum and belly jabs - thankfully stop in a week. Though the nurse who gave me the remainder of my medication explained she couldn't split a box of medicine. Which means I've come home with 6 more stomach injections than I need.

"You can keep taking them until you use them all up if you want, it won't do any harm." Said the nurse enthusiastically.

Call me profligate but I'm not going to take one more jab than is strictly necessary - it's a shame it is illegal to give away drug that have been prescribed to you but those left overs are going in the bin. (By which I mean will be responsibly disposed of by returning them to my local pharmacy.)

So I was waved off by the clinic, hopefully, never to darken their doors again.

They are a great clinic ,but I truly hope my days of fertility treatments are now done. 


  1. Woo hoo! Sometimes it's sad to say goodbye...but not always!

    Glad to hear that all is well...

  2. I've donated my unopened meds to my RE clinic so they can give to patients who don't have insurance coverage. Sounds like your RE doesn't do such a thing. I've also given my meds to another friend going through IVF without insurance. Congratulations!!!

  3. I hope so (and may you never walk that way again).

    Wonderful news about the scan. Hooray for wiggles.

  4. Fantastic news so happy all going well. Have followed your story for years now! Can't remember if you mentioned name of clinic? Just fishing as hoping to make baby number 2 this year and can't seem to do it the old fashioned way...

    1. Hi, I don't mention the name if the clinic on here. But if you email me I'll happily let you know:

  5. i am so glad for your blog post!


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