Monday, 2 March 2015

Up Myself

I once heard an interview with Martin Amis when he admitted in his youth one of his greatest pleasures was rereading his own books.

I can't say I am quite so up myself, nor do I enjoy rereading my own blog with quite so much gusto but it is useful. I would encourage anyone who is doing IVF to keep a diary because when if you do it again it is pretty handy being able to look back and compare and contrast the experience - have an idea of how things are going.

During previous IVFs one thing that never quite went to plan was the thickening of my womb lining.

Before an embryo is shoved back in the doctors like to see a womb lining of between 8-14mm. I've never quite hit it that magic depth.

Last IVF I hit the seven millimeter mark a week into the drugs and then ... nothing. My lining totally failed to grow any more.

This morning, again a week into all the drugs, I prepared myself for a similar depth and steeled myself for the fear it wouldn't get any thicker.

Turns out I was wrong.

In a good way.

My lining is already and plump and juicy 8.5mm. Not only that but it has a beautiful triple layer structure - just like the textbooks say it should.

I guess those two progynova I'm shoving up myself on a nightly basis really are working their magic.

This means are looking good for frozen embryo transfer early next week.

Do you ever get that feeling that something is going too well?


  1. something going too well?
    yes, I relate...
    but the thing is, those of us (unlucky) in the "know",
    when things go TOO well, that may very well be just things going plain old well- as they should- normal- no drama.
    its a hard concept to take in, when what you are used to is things going awry all the time.

    8.5 sounds so wonderfully awesome and normal.
    FET next weeks sounds very big deal...
    keep updating! I read but never comment,
    but I am carrying some side-liner hope for you,
    especially for you...

  2. Totes up yourself ;)

    try not to think that it's too good to be true. Hopefully you can avoid round 2 of IF bullshit.

    I just had our last ever 3 day embryo transferred. TWW crazies begin!

  3. Another bloggy friend has been writing similar updates for a FET for a second baby, with similar feelings. she is just two weeks ahead of you with her transfer the weekend before last. Based on the similar timing it logically follows you will have similar results: so far so good!

  4. Bloody hell Nora. I've got fingers and legs crossed and am touching wood. (Shh with your mucky mind.) xxx

  5. Seriously awesome news on your lining!

  6. Yeah - sometimes you can't help but be suspicious. On the other hand, there's just as much chance that things will be just fine. Let's work with that one!

  7. Yeah- this is great! Stay positive and if it is meant to be, it can just all work out great!!! Prayers your way!


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