Sunday, 8 March 2015


On Wednesday (defrosting allowing) will be the sixth time I've had embryos put back into my womb.

I am totally getting back into the groove.

Although I worry that of all my prep work for the IVF there isn't a lot that I know will make the difference between success of failure. 

There are admittedly a couple of things that are paramount to its success.

1. The embryo has to go back in
2. I need to take drugs to stop me ovulating

Other than that is it all guess work...

Some frozen embryo transfers are really drugs-light. Mine isn't.

There is my daily Progesterone bum jabs (and yes, before you ask I am using the right needles); Aspirin and Clexane to thin my blood a bit and help it get through to my womb to make it a nutrient-rich, comforting environment; Crinone, Primulot and Evorel patches (totally forgotten what these are supposed to do), intralipids to combat an immune issue that I don't even know if I have (the treatment is cheaper than the tests).

Next I am throwing in some stuff that is touted as things you can do to help, albeit with only a glimmer of scientific rational.

I have my daily snack pack of Brazil nuts.

I'm gonna pick up a pineapple tomorrow (eating the core natch as it is full of bromelain - a natural blood thinner doing what the Aspirin and Clexane are also supposed to do).

I've lined up a comedy podcast to listen to after the transfer - The Bugle - it worked last time.

And finally, of course, the batshit crazy superstitions that have crept it because it worked before.

My lucky socks a washed and ready.

I'm going to have sushi for lunch tomorrow - last time until ... until I know.

I've just had a ceremonious last glass of wine for two weeks or nearer nine months - there is only one way of knowing.

The four-leafed clover is tucked in my wallet.

I plan to have Eggs Royale for breakfast the day after my transfer, again because I did before.

Today I had a bikini wax (full on up and under too). I don't want the doctor to worry he can't see the wood for the trees when putting the embryo back.

I've booked the day off work after the transfer. Olive is still going into the nursery so it'll be my first day home alone without her. I can't decide whether that will be luxurious levels of relaxation or boring as hell.

The only thing I haven't opted for is acupuncture - been there and done that for so long I'm totally over that as a way to help me. (Each to their own I'm sure it helps some people but I'm done.)

So all in all I would say I am totally ready for this.

Bring on Wednesday.


  1. I was told that a glass of red wine on day of transfer also helps - as well as being incredibly relaxing. So I did. I also had a sneaky glass last night. I did the pineapple as well but not the nuts. good luck!!

  2. I'll be having a double FET (if they survive the thaw) Thursday (2:30am your time)... Compared to yours my drugs regime is a walk in the park - 3x2mg progynova, 3x 200 mg progesterone pessaries & 1 crinone because there was no way I was doing pessaries at work. I so wish they did PIO here!

    Best of luck for Wednesday love :)

  3. I'm so psyched for the Olive sibling transfer! Wishing you all good things this week...

  4. Am crossing fingers and toes. The Bugle = a very good choice. Much, much better than clowns.

  5. Hope all goes well! Much luck...

    Although if your doctor finds a waxing to be helpful...I'd probably find another doctor. :)

  6. Sending you good luck thoughts today!


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