Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Do you feel lucky, punk?

Without really wishing to continue the nauseously upbeat tone of my last post things are still going well.

Today has felt like an unbelievably lucky day.

It started in bed this morning - no I didn't get that lucky - I woke up and checked my emails to find one from the national lottery telling me I'd won.

And it was a genuine email, not from some dodgy lottery that only needed my bank details to confirm a couple of things, it related to an online national lottery ticket I'd bought yesterday to try and cash in on last nights £57 million jackpot.  I hadn't quite hit the jackpot and I have to share the winnings with the six others in my syndicate.

But a win is a win.

Then I took the dog out for a walk and saw a terrier have a lucky escape as it dashed, unsupervised, across the road. I managed to grab it and luckily it had a collar with a contact number on it. I called the number and luckily its owner was driving up the road looking for it. So I could hand it over without worrying about missing my appointment at the clinic this morning.

My luck seemed to turn a bit as I didn't quite make the train I hoped to catch into town which meant I was looking at squeezing on the rush hour tube for the second leg of the trip into town. But luckily my connecting, much more comfortable, overground train was delayed by a crucial five minutes which meant I could hop on that and still make my appointment with a good ten minutes to spare.

I wasn't even kept waiting for my appointment. It was at 9am and at 8:59am I was hooked up to my intralipids and sipping a cup of tea.

The intralipids - in case you've forgotten - is an intravenous drip of an egg-white mix that for some reason seems to suppress ones immune system enough to allow an embryo that might otherwise be kicked out as a foreign body to bed in and hang around for 9 months or so.

The first session is about a week before transfer then I have a couple more top up one in the two week wait and one if, hopefully, I get pregnant.

So all in all it has been a good day, still nothing to concern me about this frozen embryo transfer.

And as for the lottery win? Whilst I am still feeling lucky I am planning on reinvesting my £2 into Friday's 75million pound rollover. Winning that might go someway to reimbursing the money I've spent on all my IVFs to date. 


  1. I hope your luck continues. 75 million pounds would just about cover IVFs plus child-rearing. Well, almost.

  2. lol I hope it's just the start of a whole string of lucky days!


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