Thursday, 26 March 2015

The numbers are in

I had my blood test this morning and got called back this afternoon.

My HCG levels are measuring at 3876, at this point with Olive they were 3762 so incredibly similar.

I guess Olive and this new womb dweller are sort of twins. Well, they were conceived at the same time.

I wonder if there will be any more similarities to come. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Pee stick photos

Every IVF so far I have waited to test. I haven't wanted to see a false negative.

I haven't quite waited the full 16 days but 10 or 11 at least.

Until this time.

After extensive research (googling) I decided that 7 days was the turning point. If you do a google image search for pregnancy test 7DP5DT (which we all know stands for seven days past a five day transfer) you'll see a host of images of neatly lined up pee sticks with varying strengths of second lines all neatly labelled with what day they relate to. 7 days seemed to be the point of no return when the faintest of first positive shows.

Kinda something like this:


They are mine.

I would appear to be pregnant.

I have the blood test tomorrow so hoping for a strong number and then another 8 months of barfing and building excitement.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Fifty Shades of Bruise

Thanks to the recent release of Fifty Shades of Grey I doubt I'm the only woman in the UK walking around with a bruised arse wondering if yesterday's exertions have left me  pregnant.

My bruises are as a result if the progesterone injections rather than any leather-based slap and tickle, though some of the instruments the doctor used yesterday would add a new dimension to the more adventurous bedroom. I'm sure the husband has never examined my cervix as closely as she did when I was winched open.


The husband clearly felt so, I had to stop him nipping into the wankatorium for a quick one off the wrist for old times sake.

Everything went really well.

This is worrying me.

I don't have anything to complain about.

Remember last time when the insertion was - and I can say this with full knowledge now - worst than labour?

Yesterday it was so quick and easy it was almost a pleasure.

The doctor was incredibly upbeat about her "dream team" and their success rates.

And my embryo looks like a perfect little already-hatching baboushka.

If I had one complaint it would the ridiculous length of time I am supposed to wait to test for pregnancy.

16 days.


I mean if I do get pregnant I'll be practically ready to give birth before I find out if it worked at that rate.

I will test a bit earlier, the question is how early.

I've never gone for the testing from 4 days after the transfer I think the earliest has been about 9 or 10 days.

I suspect the reason my clinic asks us to wait so unendurably long isn't because you can't get a positive earlier - of course you can - but maybe they don't want the joy of a positive to be followed by a crash should the pregnancy turn out to be a shortlived chemical one. By 16 days a positive should mean a positive.

So here is the plan.

I am going to try and hold out as long as I can, there is no way I will wait 16 day a max of 14. But I won't post here until two weeks after the transfer.

I'm going to step away from the computer and try and enjoy this purgatory.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, 8 March 2015


On Wednesday (defrosting allowing) will be the sixth time I've had embryos put back into my womb.

I am totally getting back into the groove.

Although I worry that of all my prep work for the IVF there isn't a lot that I know will make the difference between success of failure. 

There are admittedly a couple of things that are paramount to its success.

1. The embryo has to go back in
2. I need to take drugs to stop me ovulating

Other than that is it all guess work...

Some frozen embryo transfers are really drugs-light. Mine isn't.

There is my daily Progesterone bum jabs (and yes, before you ask I am using the right needles); Aspirin and Clexane to thin my blood a bit and help it get through to my womb to make it a nutrient-rich, comforting environment; Crinone, Primulot and Evorel patches (totally forgotten what these are supposed to do), intralipids to combat an immune issue that I don't even know if I have (the treatment is cheaper than the tests).

Next I am throwing in some stuff that is touted as things you can do to help, albeit with only a glimmer of scientific rational.

I have my daily snack pack of Brazil nuts.

I'm gonna pick up a pineapple tomorrow (eating the core natch as it is full of bromelain - a natural blood thinner doing what the Aspirin and Clexane are also supposed to do).

I've lined up a comedy podcast to listen to after the transfer - The Bugle - it worked last time.

And finally, of course, the batshit crazy superstitions that have crept it because it worked before.

My lucky socks a washed and ready.

I'm going to have sushi for lunch tomorrow - last time until ... until I know.

I've just had a ceremonious last glass of wine for two weeks or nearer nine months - there is only one way of knowing.

The four-leafed clover is tucked in my wallet.

I plan to have Eggs Royale for breakfast the day after my transfer, again because I did before.

Today I had a bikini wax (full on up and under too). I don't want the doctor to worry he can't see the wood for the trees when putting the embryo back.

I've booked the day off work after the transfer. Olive is still going into the nursery so it'll be my first day home alone without her. I can't decide whether that will be luxurious levels of relaxation or boring as hell.

The only thing I haven't opted for is acupuncture - been there and done that for so long I'm totally over that as a way to help me. (Each to their own I'm sure it helps some people but I'm done.)

So all in all I would say I am totally ready for this.

Bring on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Do you feel lucky, punk?

Without really wishing to continue the nauseously upbeat tone of my last post things are still going well.

Today has felt like an unbelievably lucky day.

It started in bed this morning - no I didn't get that lucky - I woke up and checked my emails to find one from the national lottery telling me I'd won.

And it was a genuine email, not from some dodgy lottery that only needed my bank details to confirm a couple of things, it related to an online national lottery ticket I'd bought yesterday to try and cash in on last nights £57 million jackpot.  I hadn't quite hit the jackpot and I have to share the winnings with the six others in my syndicate.

But a win is a win.

Then I took the dog out for a walk and saw a terrier have a lucky escape as it dashed, unsupervised, across the road. I managed to grab it and luckily it had a collar with a contact number on it. I called the number and luckily its owner was driving up the road looking for it. So I could hand it over without worrying about missing my appointment at the clinic this morning.

My luck seemed to turn a bit as I didn't quite make the train I hoped to catch into town which meant I was looking at squeezing on the rush hour tube for the second leg of the trip into town. But luckily my connecting, much more comfortable, overground train was delayed by a crucial five minutes which meant I could hop on that and still make my appointment with a good ten minutes to spare.

I wasn't even kept waiting for my appointment. It was at 9am and at 8:59am I was hooked up to my intralipids and sipping a cup of tea.

The intralipids - in case you've forgotten - is an intravenous drip of an egg-white mix that for some reason seems to suppress ones immune system enough to allow an embryo that might otherwise be kicked out as a foreign body to bed in and hang around for 9 months or so.

The first session is about a week before transfer then I have a couple more top up one in the two week wait and one if, hopefully, I get pregnant.

So all in all it has been a good day, still nothing to concern me about this frozen embryo transfer.

And as for the lottery win? Whilst I am still feeling lucky I am planning on reinvesting my £2 into Friday's 75million pound rollover. Winning that might go someway to reimbursing the money I've spent on all my IVFs to date. 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Up Myself

I once heard an interview with Martin Amis when he admitted in his youth one of his greatest pleasures was rereading his own books.

I can't say I am quite so up myself, nor do I enjoy rereading my own blog with quite so much gusto but it is useful. I would encourage anyone who is doing IVF to keep a diary because when if you do it again it is pretty handy being able to look back and compare and contrast the experience - have an idea of how things are going.

During previous IVFs one thing that never quite went to plan was the thickening of my womb lining.

Before an embryo is shoved back in the doctors like to see a womb lining of between 8-14mm. I've never quite hit it that magic depth.

Last IVF I hit the seven millimeter mark a week into the drugs and then ... nothing. My lining totally failed to grow any more.

This morning, again a week into all the drugs, I prepared myself for a similar depth and steeled myself for the fear it wouldn't get any thicker.

Turns out I was wrong.

In a good way.

My lining is already and plump and juicy 8.5mm. Not only that but it has a beautiful triple layer structure - just like the textbooks say it should.

I guess those two progynova I'm shoving up myself on a nightly basis really are working their magic.

This means are looking good for frozen embryo transfer early next week.

Do you ever get that feeling that something is going too well?