Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Saddle up!

Today I had a 3D scan and a biopsy.

The receptionist had told me I needed an empty bladder for the scan and full for the biopsy. Can you spot the difficulty?

Knowing I have a shy bladder I decided to start with the empty bladder and intended to neck a bunch of water in between the two procedures.

When I arrived the nurse asked if I had a "semi-full" bladder. Oh was that the solution all along?  I didn't but the doctor didn't seem unduly worried.

The biopsy serves two purposes, one to scratch a few notches in my womb - thought to help with implantation in just a few weeks - and secondly to be sent off for analysis to check my endometrial hyperplasia hasn't decided to take up residence again.

My consultant had told me to remind the doctor doing the biopsy than a sample had to be sent off. I did. The Doctor said she just had to look at my notes and then turned to me with the big reveal: "I'll need to send the biopsy off for analysis". Uh-huh.

She said she'd do everything at once - turns out I needn't have worried about my bladder, so I lay back and thought of England.

I was amazed at how little the biopsy hurt, even baring in mind I'd had a Neurofen an hour before, and said as much once I was sitting back up.

Yup. She'd been concentrating on the scan and forgotten to do the biopsy.

Back down I went again.

That said my appointment was running a touch early and the whole thing was incredibly quick. I was out seven minutes after my appointment had been due to start.

Another blood test tomorrow morning, a couple more pills a day until Friday then we wait for my period when the countdown (drugs) really begin.

I feel like today I got properly back in the saddle.

Or more literally stirrups.


  1. Yikes - I hope she's not so forgetful in the future! ;)

  2. Crikeys I've been so preoccupied I've missed this! Wishing you lots of luck!


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