Monday, 23 February 2015

Cycle day 1

Things have started, almost without a hitch.

After finishing the Primolut I started my period in record time (two days - thank you very, much no hanging about here).

I gave myself my first injection of Cetrotide and we are well into prime IVF territory.

My Doctor called with my test results and my womb lining is undiseased and all but one of my blood tests came back perfect.

Liver function - I passed with flying colours which just goes to show that a little bit of exercising the liver from time to time clearly isn't a bad thing.

Thyroid good.

Fasting blood - awesome. (she didn't use that word but I could tell she was impressed)

The only area for concern was I have a vitamin D deficiency.

Turns out, after a spot of googling, most of the population of the UK have one. You can get small amounts of vitamin D from food but the main provider is sunshine. Something that we've been severely lacking in the UK for ... oh... the last 38 and a half years. The summer of '76 was our sunny one.

Its nothing that will prevent the Frozen Embryo transfer going ahead. The Husband has previously been diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency so he already has some supplements which he has generously agreed I can 'borrow' (not convinced that he has really thought through what state they'll be in when I return them).

I'm also going to see my GP to see if there is something more hardcore they can do in the meantime. Apparently you can get a massive booster injection so I might try that.

Or... just a thought... but I wonder if one can get prescribed two weeks in the sun on the NHS.  


  1. congratulations on CD1 right on time!

  2. Glad things are moving along...

    I live in Arizona and am also vitamin D deficient...hmm

  3. AZ writer: Sun screen to prevent cancer also blocks the vit D .... yupe.

  4. So glad everything looks so positive! I've had my run-ins with vitamin d deficiency and pregnancy, so you might want to talk more with your clinic about appropriate supplementation. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin like vitamin A is. Right before I learned I was pregnant, I was put on a massive, prescription-only vitamin d supplement by my GP, and after the pregnancy was confirmed, the doc continued it. When my OB found out, she immediately took me off it because there are not not many studies about the risks/benefits of Vit D supplementation during pregnancy. She said over-the-counter, low-dose, would do no harm, but beyond that was a potential risk.

  5. Vitamin D deficiency is the latest thing! Everyone seems to have it. Not me, of course. My daughter and my husband and my MIL. Very generous of your husband to let you borrow some of his Vitamin D.

    Glad to hear that everything else looks good...


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