Sunday, 8 February 2015

A second line

There should be a law that ensures all pregnancy tests use the same positive and negative markers.

I am on day 48 of my cycle.

I have been weeing on pregnancy tests at regular intervals without a positive in sight. On Friday I opened a fresh pack of own brand tests as the shop didn't stock my preferred brand. (How depressing that I have a preferred brand of pregnancy test.)

I didn't bother with the instructions and did my thing.

Then, before my very eyes, I saw not one but TWO lines appear.



Only problem is that this test, it turns out, requires a third line to cross the circle to indicate a positive result. This test is negative.

But hey that was an exciting thirty seconds whilst I quickly found, and read, the instructions.

So with no period and no pregnancy plan B is shifting into action and tomorrow I have a scan and bloods.

Here we go again.

No clue what is happening with my period. Turns out I should have bought this magazine.


  1. stop doing this to me!!!!!!

  2. Beginning to think you just like peeing on stuff. Feeling bad for your husband...

    Please buy that magazine and then send them a complaint letter regarding the misleading headline!

  3. A magazine is one thing, but a whole Period House? I shudder to think what one should put in there to bring on a period!
    Sorry about the third line missing....


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