Tuesday, 24 February 2015


I was grinning as I left the clinic this morning.

My scan showed everything is good. My ovaries are quiet and womb lining thin. Great for now, I have no doubt in about two weeks time I'll be on here bemoaning the fact that my womb lining is still thin and failed to plump up - but for the time being this is a good thing.

As I left clutching my next set of instructions (start the blood thinners and oestrogen) I felt overwhelmingly positive about this cycle.

In fact I was so up beat with the nurse this morning I behaved like an utter tool. I whipped out my phone, showed her a picture of Olive and said "If you could sort me out another one like that, that'd be perfect."

I know.

What a dick!

I was trying to workout why I am so positive.

Admittedly, in the past, I've had the best possible result. But prior to that I've had masses of failures. Forgetting the months when I've ovulated, sexed (yes it's a real word) and not got pregnant, and the IUIs where I've failed to become enpregulated (also a real word, trust me), I've have three fresh rounds of IVF and two frozen embryo transfers. I've had nine viable-looking embryos put back in to an environment where they should thrive and have just one prime specimen snuffling away in her sleep upstairs as I write.

But it all feels so possible.

So exciting.

I've booked in for my magic intralipid drip next week and the embryo - conceived at the same time as Olive - is the same grade that she was should be put back in two weeks.

If a Postive Mental Attitude was all that was required I'd be about to give octomom a run for her money.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Cycle day 1

Things have started, almost without a hitch.

After finishing the Primolut I started my period in record time (two days - thank you very, much no hanging about here).

I gave myself my first injection of Cetrotide and we are well into prime IVF territory.

My Doctor called with my test results and my womb lining is undiseased and all but one of my blood tests came back perfect.

Liver function - I passed with flying colours which just goes to show that a little bit of exercising the liver from time to time clearly isn't a bad thing.

Thyroid good.

Fasting blood - awesome. (she didn't use that word but I could tell she was impressed)

The only area for concern was I have a vitamin D deficiency.

Turns out, after a spot of googling, most of the population of the UK have one. You can get small amounts of vitamin D from food but the main provider is sunshine. Something that we've been severely lacking in the UK for ... oh... the last 38 and a half years. The summer of '76 was our sunny one.

Its nothing that will prevent the Frozen Embryo transfer going ahead. The Husband has previously been diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency so he already has some supplements which he has generously agreed I can 'borrow' (not convinced that he has really thought through what state they'll be in when I return them).

I'm also going to see my GP to see if there is something more hardcore they can do in the meantime. Apparently you can get a massive booster injection so I might try that.

Or... just a thought... but I wonder if one can get prescribed two weeks in the sun on the NHS.  

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Saddle up!

Today I had a 3D scan and a biopsy.

The receptionist had told me I needed an empty bladder for the scan and full for the biopsy. Can you spot the difficulty?

Knowing I have a shy bladder I decided to start with the empty bladder and intended to neck a bunch of water in between the two procedures.

When I arrived the nurse asked if I had a "semi-full" bladder. Oh was that the solution all along?  I didn't but the doctor didn't seem unduly worried.

The biopsy serves two purposes, one to scratch a few notches in my womb - thought to help with implantation in just a few weeks - and secondly to be sent off for analysis to check my endometrial hyperplasia hasn't decided to take up residence again.

My consultant had told me to remind the doctor doing the biopsy than a sample had to be sent off. I did. The Doctor said she just had to look at my notes and then turned to me with the big reveal: "I'll need to send the biopsy off for analysis". Uh-huh.

She said she'd do everything at once - turns out I needn't have worried about my bladder, so I lay back and thought of England.

I was amazed at how little the biopsy hurt, even baring in mind I'd had a Neurofen an hour before, and said as much once I was sitting back up.

Yup. She'd been concentrating on the scan and forgotten to do the biopsy.

Back down I went again.

That said my appointment was running a touch early and the whole thing was incredibly quick. I was out seven minutes after my appointment had been due to start.

Another blood test tomorrow morning, a couple more pills a day until Friday then we wait for my period when the countdown (drugs) really begin.

I feel like today I got properly back in the saddle.

Or more literally stirrups.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

And so it begins...

We are off.

I had my scan and blood tests yesterday and despite the lack of appearance of my period we are skipping straight to the progesterone stage.

I have just taken my first pill and which I'll take for 11 days - meanwhile I'll have another womb biopsy to check that nothing nasty is lurking in my womb. Once I stop this progesterone (primolut) I should have a period and all the drugs and interventions start in ernest.

By my calculations that means the frozen embryo transfer in mid March.

I'd like to say it feels good to be back again.

Despite Olive, returning to the clinic having to hear the usual gripes about my ovaries hiding and being scanned in the same room I heard about my miscarriage, the whole thing fills me with dread.

But I know how incredibly wonderful the end result can be - it really is all worth it.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

A second line

There should be a law that ensures all pregnancy tests use the same positive and negative markers.

I am on day 48 of my cycle.

I have been weeing on pregnancy tests at regular intervals without a positive in sight. On Friday I opened a fresh pack of own brand tests as the shop didn't stock my preferred brand. (How depressing that I have a preferred brand of pregnancy test.)

I didn't bother with the instructions and did my thing.

Then, before my very eyes, I saw not one but TWO lines appear.



Only problem is that this test, it turns out, requires a third line to cross the circle to indicate a positive result. This test is negative.

But hey that was an exciting thirty seconds whilst I quickly found, and read, the instructions.

So with no period and no pregnancy plan B is shifting into action and tomorrow I have a scan and bloods.

Here we go again.

No clue what is happening with my period. Turns out I should have bought this magazine.