Friday, 30 January 2015

We have a plan

It wasn't as bad going into the waiting room Olive as I had anticipated.

My clinic has two waiting rooms - one for folk at the coal face waiting for scans, blood tests, drugs, etc and one in a different part of the building for people who are waiting for a consultation with the doctor.

The former is always rammed, the second not so much.

Today there was just one woman waiting by herself. She came over to the coffee machine where I had strategically placed myself as far away from her as possible not thinking she might need a drink so ended up being in her way.

"Sorry" I apologised, meaning 'sorry that I bought my kid to a fertility clinic'.

"Its fine I can get past" she said meaning 'there is plenty of space between the pram and coffee machine why on earth are you apologising'.

So then I had to explain.

"I mean for bringing her, I couldn't find anyone to take her, but if it is any consolation she was made downstairs."

Yeah, I'm way more articulate in text than speech.

She was absolutely fine about it, said it was her first consultation - so she hasn't got to the avoiding children stage and anyway her niece was conceived here too.

The consultation itself was fine. The Doctor had skimmed my notes so had a vague idea of the plan but had missed a few crucial point like I'd never had a regular period until I restarted my periods after Olive.

I explained that now seemed to have stopped as well given that I was on day 39 now with no period or pregnancy to show for it.

The plan - and I write this more for my benefit (memory) than for yours - is:


  • Wait for period to start
  • Call clinic book in a 3D scan of my womb 
  • Day 7 to 13 have scan and blood test for all the other things that they need to double check - Vitamin D, TSH, T3, T4 (nope no idea either google it), Anti-thyroid antibodies. I also need a liver function test and fasting blood glucose because I'll be necking some steriods again.
  • Day 14 start primolut for 25 days
  • Day 21 have womb biopsy to double check that womb nasties haven't returned
  • Approx day 41 (Couple of days after primolut ends) bleed 
  • Day 1 of that period - scan
  • Day 2 start cetrotide and steriods
  • Approx day 7 Intralipids
  • Approx day 14 bung one of my two frozen embryos back in
  • Wait
Plan B is very similar expect it kicks into action in 10 days if my period hasn't started - at which point I I go straight to the scan stage and, assuming I'm not pregnant, start the primolut.

I know last time I did IVF I was writing with a 12 week delay - this time, I promise I am doing this live.  So for the outcome your guess is as good as mine (possibly better judging by previous performances). 


  1. Without googling I can tell you that the T-s are thyroid related. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (how hard are you trying to get it to work) T4 -> is it working.
    I was tested for the antibodies too, and when I had them I was put on low dose thyroid meds to 'support' my thyroid.
    TSH should be 1-4ish and for conception you want to be in the upper range.
    free T4 range goes up to 20, much lower I feel tired and slow. Higher I should feel race-y and restless, but I just eat more cookies.
    Anyway, in my successful cycle this is what was tested and medication to get in the right range. Having high hopes for you.
    Looking forward to an explanation of a 3D scan. I'm trying to picture the inverse of a mummy but failing.

  2. You make me laugh - I would rather cringe silently in embarrassment than address the baby in the room. But, good for you for trying to put the other patient at ease.

    Much luck!


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