Thursday, 29 January 2015

I am the person you hate

Yesterday I wasn't at work and was looking after my nephew who is nine months older than Olive.

The wombmate and I currently live two minutes walk from each other. I'll have to write an another post about that, but for the moment that is all you need to know. A friend of her gave her an old double buggy so it is pretty easy taking both the kids out if one of us needs help.

So yesterday afternoon I took the two toddlers, and dog, to the park. 

My appointment with the new IVF Doctor is tomorrow and my period hasn't started yet. I've already had one negative test but I decided I better take another one, or two, tests before the appointment so I could say with utter conviction that I wasn't pregnant.

Of course I didn't have a pregnancy test in the house.

So on the way to the park I struggled into the pharmacy with a massive double buggy and two angelic looking under three years old and bought a couple of pregnancy tests.

For all intents and purposes I looked like not just a fertile, but an uber fertile.

Then for tomorrow's appointment there is no one around to look after Olive.

I am going to be that woman. The one in the IVF waiting room with a one and a half year old baby.

We all hate her.

I hate her.

But I will be there because the test was, of course, negative. 


  1. I've been her and I've been the person sitting there before I had any children looking at her. I know this is a minority view but I appreciated knowing that actually my clinic did have success and people wanted to come back.

  2. Meh - I took my 3 year old to sit in the waiting room while I had an egg retrieval. Everyone knows you wouldn't be there if you didn't have to be. Maybe it's painful for some, but maybe it's inspirational for others. Just hang a sign on Olive that says "Product of THIS Clinic!"

  3. I adored seeing babies in my IVF clinic. Nothing screamed "success!" better. Gave me hope.

  4. mhmmm, remember that woman who got pregnant naturally after her final FET failed? Because that time she felt sooo connected with her husband? because that time they really wanted it?

    Love the image of the double stroller.

  5. Haha I like areyoukiddingme's suggestion!


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