Monday, 26 January 2015

A slight delay

I've been procrastinating.

I decided I wanted to do IVF again in January, but then knew my clinic always shuts for its massive deep clean in early January and combine that with Christmas it was all getting a bit tricky timewise.

So I decided to get the frozen embryo transfer after my first period of the New Year. For those in not in the know they time the transfer with when ovulation would be naturally - so approximately two weeks after your period. However with me I take a bunch of drugs from the start of my period so i need to be on it from day one.

My period was due to start on Saturday and I procrastinated, and put things off and didn't get in touch with my clinic until last Wednesday.

I don't know why I was putting it off, other than fear and an inbuilt optimism that I might be pregnant.

Not surprisingly my IVF doctor emailed me back on Friday to tell me that we need another appointment before starting so this month wasn't possible however if I have an appointment this week we should be able to have a transfer with my next period (current due around the end of February).

Slight hitch. My Doctor is only consulting on Thursdays and doesn't have a free appointment until well into March.

I love my IVF Doctor. She is sympathetic, she remembers me, she got me pregnant last time.

Still fuck that for sentimentality I'm seeing someone new on Friday. (At the same clinic with access to my notes so I am just going to ask for the same again.)

Slight spanner in the works is the period that was due on Saturday still hasn't actually arrived (and I am writing this is real time - it is Monday now). I've taken a pregnancy test and that isn't the cause of its tardiness, it seems my womb might be getting up to its old tricks again so good job I'm seeing a Doctor on Friday time to whip it back into shape.


  1. Hope your appt on friday goes well...hope your womb is behaving and that your period arrives soon (unless you ovulated later than expected and are actually in the early stages of pregancy before a test would be positive)..or maybe even if your period is delayed until after friday so you can get the go-ahead this month...hope the new doctor is friendly, reassuring and confident and has read your notes and has a few good quirks for you to write about. Good luck xxx

  2. Maybe Someone New will be even better! I just hope they read your notes - that is pretty much my qualification for decent care these days.

    Good luck!

  3. Good luck! My period was8 days late and I thought I had nailed it! I hadn't. March cycle here I come

  4. Ah! Blogspot! Don't mess with me!

    As I was saying: Ah the tardy period is like the new watched pot. 'Twas ever thus. Good luck with your someone new and getting the womb in shape.


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