Friday, 19 September 2014

Time to get back on topic

I told you that my Doctor wanted me to stop breast feeding and have three periods before I bunged another frozen embryo in and start crossing my fingers for a second child.

The plan was:

1) Stop breast feeding.
2) Call my doctor to get some drugs to bring on a period.
3) Have period.
4) Repeat twice until I've had the required three periods.

The reality has been:
1) Stop breast feeding during the day easily.
2) Keep having a ceremonially Last Ever Feed At Night feed.
3) Be woken up between 2 and 5 in the morning by a screaming child.
4) Relent.
5) Breast feed at 4am saying 'Ok this is it the last time'.
6) 15 July go into work for a keep in touch day.
7) 15 of July scurry round the office, realise none of the girls I'm good friends with are at their desk, ask girl I don't know that well for a tampon.
8) Glad to see Womb For Improvement's Law is still going strong - of course I was going to start my period when I was at work with no access to something absorbent to soak up the blood. (Too graphic? Admit it you've missed this).
7) Put date into online period tracker just so I have a vague idea when my next one is due.
8) Call doctor and agree that as my periods are so unreliable I should wait 6 weeks and then start taking the drugs to bring on period number 2.

One morning mid-August (having properly stopped breast feeding) I checked my period tracker and noticed that, was I to have a normal cycle I would get my second post-baby period that day.

Amongst a bunch of other stuff I have polycycstic ovaries. I have never ovulated regularly and consequently I have never had regular periods. 90 days rather than the standard 28 days between periods was not unusual.

So I was due. I wasn't at work. I hadn't taken a pregnancy test. I didn't have PMT. There was nothing to make me think I'd have a period.

But I did!

Second period bang on schedule for the first time EVER.

At this point I started to get excited.

Could my pregnancy have cured me?

And, if it had, if I was ovulating regularly maybe I could even get pregnant by myself.

I didn't want to hope too much, but I couldn't help it. I knew the chances of getting pregnant immediately were slim but I just hoped that I would get another period on time and this ovulating thing would not have been a fluke but become a habit.

When my period was late I didn't immediately test for pregnancy.  I persuaded myself that a day or two off wasn't anything to get excited about and it would come.

So I waited a day. Two days. Four days.

Eventually, with a hen night that night and a bottle of wine with my name on it I took the plunge and tested.

Do you remember the good old days of this blog when I'd write a whole post leading up to what would inevitably be a pregnancy announcement and then I would finish with something along the lines of "Of course I wasn't pregnant, I'm infertile remember."


I tested and...

Of course I wasn't pregnant.

I'm infertile remember.

Still I did finally get my period 9 days late.

And do you know what? A negative pregnancy test is a lot easier to bear when you are trying to wrestle the wee-d on stick from your 13 month old's grabby hands.


  1. I'll admit I totally scrolled to the end of this post about one paragraph in just to get to the punch line, because I know how you work :) Yay for a PCOSy body at least pretending to know what to do- your on your way now! Exciting!

  2. Well, damn. Was hoping for a different finale to the story. But agree with you on the easier-to-bear front.

  3. This post got me all excited. :) 9 days is nothing. You know this. I'm so hopeful for you!

  4. You almost had me at the cliffhanger! It's too bad it didn't work. But I hope the embryo(s) stick.

  5. Love and support.

  6. Wait - was that the required 3 periods? That's a miracle in itself!

    Does that mean you'll be defrosting an embryo any time now? Much luck!

  7. Hi, glad I checked in to see if you'd posted lately - you had me towards the end getting palpitations; 'waiting and wishing' has a cunning plan to stay a step ahead of your wiley writings but I think I'll still read in the right order as I like the suspense! Good luck xxx


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