Sunday, 10 August 2014

How to fake a first Birthday Party

1. Go on holiday the day after your daughter's first birthday and decide, as a result, that she doesn't need a birthday party.

2. Holiday with a bunch of other people. In total 12 adults and 13 children.

3. Ensure that one of the people you go on holiday with has a birthday during the week.

4. Plan a big birthday tea for said individual including cake, candles and birthday banner.

5. Go through the bag of hand-me-downs that one of your friends has brought along from when her two daughters were little. Find a pretty party dress.

6. Plonk your child under the birthday banner.

7. Take photo.

Tah-dah!!!! Something for the photo album, and she'll never know she didn't have her very own birthday party.

You ... you won't tell her will you?


  1. 13 kids seems like a lot.
    I like point 5 very much, such a pretty dress too.
    (I seem to get mostly boy hand me downs)
    Did you have a chance to enjoy the holiday too?

  2. Love it, great idea!

    How can I make this work for a housewarming party that we are to be going to?

  3. This sounds pretty perfect right about now! The boys' party is 4 days away and if I never see another airplane party decoration I'd be totally ok with it-- damn Pinterest.

  4. Also, Happy 1st Birthday, Olive...


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