Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Half year Birthday

Olive turned six months old on the 31st of January. My little girl is getting older.

The last few weeks have seen Olive's most significant lifestyle changes since she swapped her womb-room for the bright lights of the labour ward.

For the first five month of her life not a lot changed in her little world, she ate from the Mummy Dummy, slept (if I'm lucky) in a cot next to my bed and saw the world whilst strapped firmly to my chest in a baby carrier or tucked up in a pram in my eyeline.

Two weeks ago I gave her proper food for the first time. I say proper food, I mixed baby rice with ten parts boob juice according to instructions, which resulted in ... um ... breastmilk that you feed a baby with a spoon.

Since then I have lovingly roasted nuggets of sweet potato, pureed organic parsnip with home -made, salt-free chicken stock. I've mashed bananas despite my ingrained loathing of the fruit, its smell and texture. I've mixed a little apple juice into the steamed pears to make a more palatable consistency. I've even made a shit-ton (actual measurement) of bread sticks without salt - such is my devotion to her dietary needs, putting that above taste and flavour.

In return I've watched the little lady stick her hands in the food, smear it on her cheeks, in what little hair she has, even occasionally it'll go in her mouth before being spat out with a look of total and utter disgust.

But some of it has clearly gone down. Who knew poo could smell of pear?

Not content with introducing her to food I have also banished her from our bedroom. For the last three nights she has slept in her own room.

I've hated it.

Not being able to roll over and hear her little nighttime snuffles or prod her to make sure she is still breathing has been a wrench. She is growing away from me, and it seems to be affecting me more than her. On the plus side though, now I get to decorate a nursery and possibly for the last time I'll have free reign to design her whole room without any pink or input from her.

Finally she has graduated from pram to buggy. From facing me to facing the world. Although I have perfected a hunched back lopsided walk that allows me to peer into the pram whilst I push it.

Olive seems unphased by these developments. I, on the other hand, am wondering if there is a way to harness Peter Pan's ability and prevent her growing up.


  1. I don't think that ache with every milestone ever stops. I am glad you updated. I like to hear how you are faring. :)

  2. I hear you on the bananas. Grrrrossss! And they still remain one of Gwen's favorites.

  3. Would've thought you were a fan of the banana....

    Can't believe it's been six months.... ARGHHH. Arthur basically looks like a schoolchild now. :/


  4. I'm cheating on the buggy milestone: my buggy allows me to have the seat facing ME. (Suzy's first birthday is next week) And when she's on the boob I pretend she is still my little baby.
    raisin-bread is twice good: she loves it, and the diaper smells quite sweet ;-)

  5. 6 months already! How is it possible? Ah yes, the joys of introducing food. Have you tried carrot yet? Not only do they like it but it makes for particularly colourful smeared all over photos! I wouldn't put a strain on your back - get a buggy that faces you. You are still far more interesting than the world and it's supposed to be better for language development etc. Not to mention better for keeping an eye on them as they get older to keep the loss of shoes, socks, bottles, dummies, soft toys etc to a minimum and also to prevent attempts to self-choke with the same!

  6. Happy 6 months! Love the milestones!

  7. Officially deleting from my reading list. So sad that once a person becomes a parent they no other thoughts than baby.....guess you won't have anything to think about in 18 years.


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