Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Out Of Office: Autoreponse

Dear Customer,

Many thanks for your email.

Unfortunately Womb For Improvement Incorporated is unable to deliver our traditional seasonal game as our Chief Creative Officer is currently on maternity leave. We are only too aware of the irony of a company built on the joy that infertility brings during this festive period being laid low by yet another bloody baby. For that we can only apologise.

In the meantime feel free to browse our archive of Christmas treats:
Christmas Album, 2012
Merry Quizmas, 2011
Conceive or Conceed, 2010
Conception Deception, 2009
Barren Bingo, 2008

In recognition of what many of you are still going through, this email will not include a sickeningly cute picture of a baby or anything other than a metaphorical hug to anyone who is still childless this year. May next Christmas bring you what your heart desires (more games from Womb For Improvement Incorporated. Obviously).

Merry Christmas,

WFI xx


  1. Happy new year, all at W4I. Enjoy the season most thoroughly.

  2. PHEW, there it is. Blogger kept chewing my comments! THE CHEEK.


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