Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Out Of Office: Autoreponse

Dear Customer,

Many thanks for your email.

Unfortunately Womb For Improvement Incorporated is unable to deliver our traditional seasonal game as our Chief Creative Officer is currently on maternity leave. We are only too aware of the irony of a company built on the joy that infertility brings during this festive period being laid low by yet another bloody baby. For that we can only apologise.

In the meantime feel free to browse our archive of Christmas treats:
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In recognition of what many of you are still going through, this email will not include a sickeningly cute picture of a baby or anything other than a metaphorical hug to anyone who is still childless this year. May next Christmas bring you what your heart desires (more games from Womb For Improvement Incorporated. Obviously).

Merry Christmas,

WFI xx

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas is coming

I spent a lot of time, whilst infertile, thinking about "this time next year."

Christmases in particular I'd wonder if, by next Christmas, I'd have a baby. I came close last year - my first pregnancy was due on the 22 of December 2012, but it didn't make it past May.

Exactly a year ago, on the 15th of December, I found out I was pregnant again. Maybe it was because it was so close to what would have been my due date - or maybe simply because I was scarred by having miscarried earlier in the year regardless of the date - I didn't let myself think ahead.

The little girl sleeping in the cot beside me now was something I couldn't envisage a year ago. All I focussed on was the next scan, the next opportunity to see a heart beat flickering on the screen. Even when I was heavily pregnant I hardly dared to believe that I would have a healthy baby at the end of it.

Yesterday I bought her a Christmas present, and today I decorated the tree whilst she gazed in wonder at the tinsel. In ten days we will have the Christmas that I have wanted for so many years, a Christmas with my own family.

They say Christmas is really for the children.

Not this year.

This Christmas is for me.

And let's face it Olive won't have a clue what is going on.