Monday, 12 August 2013

The Hands

Very shortly after giving birth, whilst the husband held our new born and I lay recovering, and with various medical staff milling around, I asked him if he thought she was his daughter.

I don't know what the staff thought.

The most natural assumption would be there was some question about who her father was. Maybe they thought that 36 weeks and six days previously I'd had a daliance with another man. Or that the husband was just a naturally suspicious type and I am an unfaithful slapper, coming to your screens on a Jeremy Kyle DNA test in the Autumn.

Of course you all know why I asked. And that I really meant does she look like OURS. With IVF there is always a little residual worry that there could have been an embryo switch.

On the plus side she is the right colour to be our offspring. Looks wise, however, I can't identify my chin, or the husband's eyes, my cheeks or the husband's nose in her tiny little features.

Her hands however tell a different story. They are disproportionally massive. Long fingers with slightly large knuckles and tapered fingers. Nothing like my titchy little mitts but she is the husband's hand twin.

They are incredibly expressive, and I've become a little obsessed with them. In the past ten days she has flicked me the Vs, the Bird, she has done some Westside gang gestures and wrung her hands like a little old lady.

 No Photos Please

 Subtly flicking me the V-sign


Throwing some shapes

The husband is delighted and is already planning on getting her to learn the piano.


  1. Congratulations!! Yes, those are definitely some pretty remarkable hands for a little baby. I can imagine they'd never stop wriggling too.

  2. What a lovely post! It's these crazy things you never think about beforehand that just mesmerize you once they're here.

    Both himself and myself have blue eyes, so if one of the kids' eyes turns a different colour, there'll be a phone call back to the clinic! Mind you, the little fella was the absolute spit of his father when he came out, so I reckon there's no going back with him.

  3. Those are amazing hands, such long, beautiful fingers!

    It took us about 6 weeks before we saw any familial resemblance in Gwen. She still doesn't look very much like either me or her father, but she remains clearly and easily identifiable as her father's father's granddaughter. :) Even as I search for any hint in her face (in her actions, I see it all the time) that she's genetically related to me, I am tickled by how clearly she is a part of Joel's lineage. My sister's kids are all eerily reminiscent of both her and me, and Gwen simply looks nothing like them.

    My bestest friends finally had a daughter last year after many years trying, and Greta has her father's face from nose up and her mother's from nose down. You can almost see the line; it's amazing and awesome.

  4. Awesome daughter, beautiful hands, Thank you for posting!

  5. She is just beyond-beautiful! I could look at those amazing hands all day... as I'm sure you do. Congratulations again. Hoping to start our second IVF cycle in the next few weeks and it always helps to know that you can actually get a real-life new person at the end of it sometimes! All the best xx.

  6. Ha! We had a similar conversation! C is a total mini me of her father so there is no question there. However, she only snores like me...hmmm.

    I love her hands!

  7. Active hands, active brain! This is a very good sign in a newborn. Congratulations on your budding Mozartina.

  8. oh oh oh oh. Strangest thing, whenever I visit your bloghouse lately, I come up a bit teary (in a very good way). She has lovely hands.

    It's uncanny, isn't it? To look at something so small and see a reflection of something so familiar? What's strange (and there is nothing original in my saying this, though I'll say it anyway) is that it's something which will happen more and more with time.

    The first thing I noticed about O were his feet. I believe the first thing I announced after giving birth to him was: "He's got big feet! Just like me!" Earned me a few strange looks but, naturally, I wasn't in any shape to care.

  9. LOOK at those gorgeous long fingers!! Pianist, absolutely :)

  10. Pianist, dentist, surgeon, hand model - a whole lifetime of possibilities ahead!

  11. Such a wonderful detail! I'm so glad you found something that's clearly him, because I understand the concern very much.

  12. I literally JUST hit publish on a post about the "residual worry about an embryo switch". :P She is beautiful!!

  13. You did it!! Felicitations!! She is tres mignone! Welcome to motherhood, you're going to love it!!

  14. LOL how adorable! She has very beautiful hands and a darling little face!

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