Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Plans A to Z

Between 12noon and 6pm on Monday I hung out in the maternal & fetal assessment unit. Blood pressure taken incalculable times (well, maybe 6). Blood extracted, urine tested, baby's heart monitored, her growth scanned, placenta blood flow assessed.

The little one passed all her tests swimmingly. Me not so much. Which is why I am currently tapping this post out on my iPhone again at two in the morning, in a hospital bed, having been thoroughly wakened by more blood pressure tests (3 in a row this time whilst the nurse tried to get a response she was happy with) and that wakefulness being supplemented by a new born wailing to my right.

The plan, seems to have roughly 26 variations and at the moment I am not sure which is the most likely. I will be induced (rather than a c-section) and I would be surprised if I get to the end of the week without that happening (I reach the 37 week goal on Thursday). Whether it will happen sooner or whether I'll gat a few more nights at home before D-day or I guess B(irth)-day is anyone's guess.

The odd thing is I might have a baby any day and I am still not 100% convinced this isn't a phantom pregnancy still...


  1. I know this isn't the pregnancy ending you had envisioned but I am still just so freakin' excited for you to FINALY hold that sweet baby in your arms.
    My son will be one in a couple of weeks and I still have to remind my self that he's here and mine, and doesn't have another set of "parents" coming to pick him up at the end of the day - its all on us!

  2. It's probably NOT a phantom pregnancy. But that would be a good explanation for your increased blood pressure - fear that you're finally going to have to confront all of these people who have been lying to you for a number of months.

    Much luck - glad to hear the little one is doing just fine, but I hope either your BP stabilizes at a tolerable level or they get her out ASAP. Thursday seems far away...

  3. Urrgh sorry that you are stuck on the ward. If I was a betting woman I'd say they'll start inducing Wednesday. It is so exciting that you are just days away from the completely unphantomy baby being here.

  4. My thoughts are with you. Remember that if/when you get induced, epidural are fantastic and not the terrible thing some nct teachers would have you believe!
    To warn you, when E was born it took a good week for me to accept she was real and that nobody was coming to take her away from me. Don't be surprised if it still feels odd after Doug arrives! Also, the hormones!
    But the feeling of walking out of the hospital, with our baby, was just... After so long waiting. I'm so glad you'll get that too.
    The very best of British luck to you and Doug and the husband (and please let us know!). Many hugs.

  5. Oh poor you. If there's something I hate, it's a disturbed night. On the other hand, wow! This very week, an actual baby, ie not a phantom?

    Very exciting times! Keep us posted.
    And very good luck!

  6. Oh my goodness, well if it makes you feel any better it's very rare that one has the birth they imagined all that counts is that you and the wee one arrive healthy. So very excited for you!!! And yes Liz there is a baby in there!

  7. Wow, hang in there! She's really in there but soon she'll be out here! Prayers to you!!

  8. Sending you fairy dust, unicorn farts, four leaf clovers, rainbows... anything associated with luck and happy endings. Bless you all.

  9. Oh Liz...I'm so sorry your last days of pregnancy are spent in the hospital without much comfort or rest. but...I am so happy the doctors are monitoring you closely and baby girl is looking wonderful on all the tests. Hang in there...only a few more days and you will have your love in your arms.

  10. Ach, the best laid plans (both for maternity leave AND for the actual, er, birthing) go awry, somehow, I think, for most of us. Very sorry to hear about the b/p woes, as that is surely not what you needed here in the final days before her arrival. Also, one sure way to raise blood pressure? Being told that your blood pressure is too high.

    And, yes, about the phantom pregnancy. It does become real, very quickly. But even in those first few days I had the strangest sensation, at times, that it was all being lived by somebody else. I think when you've waited so very long for something, it's almost inevitable.

    I hope they do let you home for a few days, just so that you can dot a few i's and cross a few t's (though, sounds like the nursery and decorations are coming along swimmingly). I'm thinking of you a lot these days. Hoping that everything goes smoothly. Looking forward to the moment I visit your blog and read: yes, she is here.

  11. Maybe it's a food baby? (Sorry, couldn't resist... hopefully you've seen the movie Juno? Otherwise my reference is just weird... as most of mine are)

    However it may come to fruition the outcome will remain the same- a healthy, happy and, of course, super cute bundle of joy will be in your arms shortly. So exciting!

  12. Hoping that induction goes well and that the best possible outcome (healthy Mama, healthy baby) is reached; however that happens. All the best!

  13. A longtime lurker here to wish you luck. I had a similar bp situation but once my baby arrived the stressful final days of the pregnancy became a distant memory. In retrospect, that may have been due to exhaustion...

    Wishing you and your baby girl a smooth delivery, whenever and however it happens!

  14. And today, it is Thursday! How art thou?

  15. Yes, Thursday.
    How is the phantom doing?
    Thinking of you

  16. Also coming by to 'peak' and hope that all is well.

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