Sunday, 28 July 2013

Maternity leave - so far

I had great plans for my maternity leave.

It was going to go something like this:
Finish work on 19th of July confident that everything was in order and my cover would know exactly what to do in my absence. My desk would be clear and my email inbox down to about 20 emails that might be useful in the future. I'd bring in cake and say a fond farewell to colleagues.

I would then have four or five weeks to unpack the remainder of our boxes from the move, pack my hospital bag, cook for the freezer, read all those books about birthing which I seem to have accumulated. See friends. Bloom, glow and grow.

Instead is has been more like this:
Spend first half of what was supposed to be last week in work in hospital trying to send work emails from my iPhone. Spend latter half at home cursing works remote internet access whilst trying to 'rest'. Go to hospital on Friday for check up. Swing past work - pick up leaving present and try to hand-over work in about an hour whilst shredding the most sensitive of the files from people I use to manage.

I've spent my first week of maternity leave still trying to finish off work from home in-between fending off over protective relatives who keep trying to send me to bed.

This weekend Dad and Step-Mother arrive - complete with blood pressure monitor. Most of the weekend has been whiled away watching them unpack boxes, put up shelves and even paint a wall (I'll be honest I quite enjoy being told that I am not to allowed to do any of those activities) and been mildly rebuked for not having packed my hospital bag, started on the nursery.

My hospital bag is now packed. The nursery is getting there - at least the moses basket is up and new born clothes identified.

The problem with having a blood pressure monitor at home is my blood pressure is being monitored by my Step-mother, a retired nurse.

She isn't happy.

On Friday the hospital checked it and it was still high so my drugs were increased and I was sent home until Monday.

This weekend my pressure has been vacillating between high and very high.

My Step-Mother has extracted a promise from me that I'll go back to the hospital on Monday.

I'll be 37 weeks pregnant on Thursday. I think my Step-mother wants the baby whipped out on Thursday.

I'm beyond caring about this pregnancy.

All I want is the healthiest, safest outcome for the baby. If that is a c-section at 37 weeks or a water birth at 40 weeks I don't care. I just hope she is well, and happy.

God, knows when I'll get the opportunity to stock up my freezer!


  1. Blood pressure monitors are pure evil. E.V.I.L. Sometimes I still hear that bloody trolley rattling it's way to me along the hospital corridor. I remain convinced that the mere thought of someone taking my BP sends it up 50 points! OK I know that they have to measure it but it's only one indicator. Mine was sky-high from week 20, even when I was taking stupid numbers of pills, but the real trouble started when other stuff started happening, like crushing pains around my middle and brown urine. And when things got really critical, my BP dropped like a stone. On the last day of my pregnancy they were giving me medication to raise it. Oh, the irony! Even in my weakened state, that made me laugh.

    That being said, 37 weeks is a perfectly respectable number (I only got to 28), so I'd also say get that little lady out of there!Wishing you the very, very best!

  2. Oof. I hope the good people at the hospital have options to keep both you and the wee one comfortable and happy. Keep us updated!

  3. Let your step ma take over. Hope it all goes well. I'm in Spain and my phone doesnt work so.....good luck! (I highly recommend c-sections by the way. Mine was great. They're so good at that hospital.)



  4. It never hurts to have someone with experience paving the way to better care.

    It sounds like it's time to get that baby out. We're all anxious to meet her anyway. Much luck...and I'm glad you've got someone watching over you.

  5. Grrr. Just lost a big comment! Essentially- babies need very little, just something to eat, nappies, something to wear and somewhere to sleep. And they don't even care about most of that (except food) if they're in your arms.
    Do let others do as much as possible while you put your feet up and rest. Get them to cook and stock the freezer! I ended up with my mum staying for 2 weeks as E was ill and we had to go back in to hospital and it was a relief to not think about cooking etc but just to focus on her.
    Good luck, remember 37 weeks is really good.

  6. 37 weeks is considered term for a reason: everything generally works beautifully by then! Feeding co-ordination, temperature regulation, etc. She'll be fine. You'll be fine. Everything will be fine. Will be thinking of you!

  7. Here's hoping the casserole fairies visit your freezer and leave many wonderful homemade frozen meals for you! Good luck Thursday! Hoping for the best :)

  8. My last 2 babies were born at 36.5 weeks, the last one due to pre-ecclampsia and her sister before her due to ostitus pubis. My oldest daughter was 7lb 13ou and the youngest 7lb 7ou, and she had stopped growing according to the doctor who delivered her. 37 weeks is a well enough cooked baby :)

  9. Oh dear. Pity the old BP is still up. Pet the dog! Isn't that supposed to lower it? ;-)

    Apart from this tremendously helpful suggestion, I am very glad you're being looked after so well, (even though it's a leetle bit annoying)and wish you all the very best for Thursday. You're so right that the baby's health (yours, too, mind you) is the thing now.

    Good luck!

  10. Monday! How did it go at the hospital? I would assume they would talk about inducing before c-section?
    In my recent experience, protective family and friends are more than happy to do shopping and cooking for you. Just email them your favourite meal ideas (it might help to offer to pay for the groceries though :)
    sending happy healthy thoughts (and blooming glowing growing ones too)

  11. I think you've got absolutely the right attitude - don't care how she gets here, once she's here safe and sound. I was the exact same with both pregnancies and as it happened ended up with two sections. Sections are fine, though not driving for 6 weeks can be a pain. But then if you've servants around you to help, it allows you to take advantage! Sounds like you're ready for her to arrive.... can't wait to read your news of when she's here!

  12. Sending you prayers and well wishes!

  13. Healthy baby and healthy mother post natal are key. Pre-eclampsia is dangerous before, and after, birth.
    ICU for a week for mom and permanent kidney damage for mom is, and deserves to be, scary. I walked on that road.
    I am so glad your step-mom cares enough to stay and go with you to the doctors.
    I can not tell you how excited I am to hear you are well and have a wonderful healthy baby.
    Very best wishes!!!!

  14. HOW FABULOUS it will be that DAD THE CHEF will have a super important job to do for his wonderful amazing wife and perfect child. What a praise worthy contribution DAD THE CHEF will be making....even if it is take out. LOTS AND LOTS of praise for him!!!!
    With enough praise he can continue to do lots of meal planning and shopping and cooking for years to come. Lavish on the praise, do not worry about no stockpiled meals.

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