Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I bottled it

Another little British saying for you guys.

To "bottle it" can either mean literally put something in a bottle, or to change your mind at the last minute and, usually out of fear, not pursue a course of action.

I've done both.

I've bottled my piss - surprisingly only one of the vast containers was needed. But I also decided not to go into work today. This is the first sick day I've taken in over a year and frankly I think I deserve it!

The idea of scurringy off to the bathroom with a bag full of my urine collecting accoutrements was unpleasant enough but knowing that I want to have as low a blood pressure for my appointment yesterday afternoon as possible I figured a day off, doing sod all, was in order.

Then things turned a bit unexpected.

I turned up at five pm, blood pressure still too high. Was sent for blood tests, waited an hour and a half -which can't have done wonders for the pressure. Had test at 7pm. Then a quick trip to the assessment unit for, I thought, another hour on the blood pressure machine after which I'd be sent home.

I packed the husband off home to walk the dog and get some food ready and got hooked up.

Blood pressure was still high so the midwife decided I needed to see the doctor, by which time it was 7:30 and I was bang in shift change territory.

Eventually I was seen by a Doctor and there was much debate about what was to be done. Weighing up between sending me home or keeping me I overnight. In the end I think they bottled it and kept me in as a precautionary measure.

I'm still here at 3:30pm the following day.

The good news is they've given me pills and my blood pressure is back in normal range. But I am showing definate signs of preeclampsia - nothing too worrying yet. A scan this morning showed the baby is still getting the blood and oxygen she needs from me.

They've started me on steroids to help the baby's lungs should they decide to deliver early. And they've bunged me on fragmin, a blood thinner as it looks like I'll be spending a lot of time on my arse for the next few weeks. As I started my IVF on these drugs it almost feels like I've come full circle!

Generally though I feel safe, well cared for, and pretty healthy. Hopefully I'll be discharged tomorrow and this will just be a little blip - albeit one that requires a bit more monitoring than originally intended.

(Believe it or not I do usually proof read these but doing this on my tiny phone is doing my head in - so forgive the typos.)


  1. This sounds like rather more excitement than one would want in a pregnancy, much less one so hard fought for.

    How far are you along? Far enough for this to be just Scary instead of Super Scary?

  2. Sigh...well, as long as you don't have to stay. Sorry to hear about the BP, but I'm glad they're watching you closely.

    Stay calm, and don't be bottling anything else. :)

  3. Urrgh. I've done rather more of those 24 hour things than most and never ever have I needed more than one not I have I ever bumped into anyone in the drop off zone with two bags clanking in their plastic bag. One is respectable.

    Monitoring is a bore but pre-eclampsia is worse so better there than getting ill at home. Hope it all goes ok from here on in. Are you gone 30 weeks yet?

  4. Well, you are getting the care you need and I am VERY glad to hear you are in the right place and all that but just can't believe your one and only day off was spent in this worrying and uncomfortable way. :(

    So, rest, eh? Plenty of company here - standing by.

  5. Super glad your docs are being conservative and taking every step to help ensure you and the baby are having fun a year from now with crawling and learning to walk. Cheers and good wishes!

  6. Wow Liz....so glad you got your restful day at home before this....and really happy they are keeping a close eye on you. Hang in there and hopefully you will get a couple more weeks of relaxing at home before baby girl makes her arrival.

  7. I'm glad that you feel well-cared for, and hope that the little one can stay inside for another couple of weeks!

  8. Hoping also that this is a controllable hiccup and that you can spend the rest of your gestating time at home.

  9. Boo I'm sorry you're stuck there, but I'm glad things are looking up and you and baby are getting the care you need. Stay put a little longer baby!

  10. UGH hospital! But I'm glad they were (eventually) sensible and kept you, just to be on the safe side. Sending healthy thoughts!

  11. Well good on you for taking the day off as a sickie - definitely meritted!

    Hope things continue to go ok.... I never had the steroid shots but believe they are quite painful - hope yours wasn't too bad.

    Fingers crossed that herself stays well where she is for another while.

  12. I hope it is the blippiest of blips, but sorry that you had to go through it at all. It does sound like you're being well cared for, and as if they're taking every precaution. Hang in there. I hope you get to go home to your man and your dog very, very soon (and that the bebe can stay put for a while longer).

  13. Sorry to hear about all this worry - can't be doing much for your blood pressure!

    I had my little girl induced at 38 weeks - due to the same kind of thing - there wasn't a bother on her!

    How far gone are you? And good luck with the rest of the days and weeks left!!


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