Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Most Expensive Birthday Present Ever?

The husband and I aren’t overly extravagant when it come to presents for each other. We buy gifts for Christmas and Birthdays. The husband will occasionally announce he has bought me a gift, and it will be chocolate – cheap chocolate. Which is very gratefully received but not exactly pushing the boat out.

We don't do presents for Valentines, anniversaries, Easter, New Year, St Patricks day and obviously not Mother's or Father's day.

When we do buy each other presents we tend not to overspend. In fact in a very unromantic but relentlessly practical way we agree a budget before hand so that neither of us over-spends on gifts for the other. Both of our birthdays are in the summer, and unsurprisingly both of us celebrate Christmas towards the end of December which means we have a nice six/ seven month spread between present giving.

This summer (yes it is finally summer in the UK) we realised that we were likely to be at the pinnacle of our respective wealths. This is the last gift giving occasion when we are DINKYs (Double Income No Kids Yet (yet, yet, yet, yet - how I love the transition from DINK to DINKY)). We also don’t have IVF to pay/ save for - been there done that, bought the embryo, and we sold our flat in December and are renting so are mortgage free.

So we agreed to double our gift budget.

It has been quite fun. I’ve bought the husband something that he actively wants (asked for) and supplemented it with gifts that he’d like but not quite get round to buying for himself - including a dram of his favourite whisky (the bottle would have pushed me over our budget alone), a DVD of 'Allo 'Allo (in his opinion the best sitcom ever made ... discuss). Nothing too extravagant even doubling the budget doesn’t come close to what I know some people spend on their partners but I was pretty happy with the quantity and quality of the presents.

You may have noticed the ‘was’. Unfortunately my gifts were eclipsed.

On Friday, on the husband’s 37th birthday, we completed on buying a house. After six months of renting, masses of properties viewed, seven offers put in, three accepted and then the sellers changed their mind, we became home owners again. Approximately two months before Doug makes and appearance – which is a massive relief.

But back to the completion date coinciding with the husband’s birthday.

I would like to make it absolutely clear here, in front of witnesses, that despite what he may claim (and what one friend texted him and another emailed him to say): THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE HOUSE IS HIS BIRTHDAY PRESENT.

Good, glad I got that cleared up.


  1. Congratulations to you! We bought our house when I was about 32 weeks preg with Emilia and I loved it...no-one would let me move any boxes (I could just point where I thought things should go and order new stuff), then I had a few weeks on maternity leave to get really unpacked, settled in, explore etc before she arrived (a few hours after my Laura Ashley furniture delivery which turned up just after my waters broke and before the midwife arrived....). Looking forward to seeing your new pad soon xxx

  2. WTF? You should be proclaiming that you bought him a house for his birthday for all to hear! Be the envy of your male friends - make all their wives feel inferior! YOU BOUGHT HIM A HOUSE FOR HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!***

    ***Legal disclaimer: the house will actually belong to both of you and in no way should be construed as an actual gift.

    Congratulations on your new house. Pictures?

  3. Just 2 months to go... that is the most exciting part of what you've said above! Congratulations!!


    For the third time! What was my brilliant comment?

    At first I read that as horse, which seemed a lovely expensive if impractical present - but a HOUSE? You are generosity itself! LUCKY LUCKY man. I mean, 'Allo, 'allo? Lucky I say!

    Many good wishes in your I mean his new place!

  5. Congrats on the new house!! What an exciting time for you both. So happy for you!

  6. Here's to you new digs and new beginnings! Congrats!

  7. So are you getting Cath Kidson to decorate the nursery?! I have something in the back of my mid about a post you wrote about decorating your nursery with her wallpaper? Though her infertility story still stops me in my tracks....

    Allo allo doesn't do it for me I'm afraid - the best comedy programme for me at the moment is The Bugle podcast....

    Congrats on your new home - can't wait to see photos of the nursery on here!

  8. Congrats! How exciting! Also, we closed on our house on my Birthday so my Hubby likes to say that HE bought ME a house for MY b'day :) And I like to think that as well! lol

  9. Congratulations. I would counter with "how will you ever top THAT for my birthday, praytell?" I wish you all sorts of wonderful days as you sort through the endless world of paint chips and hunting for those perfect things to fill the house. And the even better ones of enjoying the people you love in such warm beginnings.

  10. Congrats on the new pad just in time to prep for Doug to settle into her new digs!

  11. Oh fab news! And yay on the move from DINK to DINKY. We're SINK, (which sucks), but hopefully soon to move to SINKY or DINKY. Fingers crossed. It's my 37th on Wednesday (tick, tock) but we're still working on the woodchip in our current home so no new house for me (ha!). Best wishes for settling into a beautiful family home.

  12. if you declare it his birthday present then it is HIS responsibility.

    Gutters, painting, maintenance...

    And also means you never have to buy him any thing again (just spread your arms wide and be all 'this!') and you can get a new pair of Louboutins every year for yours!

  13. I have been away from blog land - wonderful, wonderful news! So excited for you both! and congratulations on the house x

  14. 'allo 'allo? No. Not even close.

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  16. Congratulations! new start for you. All the best :)
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  17. First..."Allo, Allo"? I am utterly speechless at that one. "Listen veeeeery carefully...I vill say zis only once...." The big question is: does he make YOU watch it?

    Congratulations on the new place. That's wonderful, wonderful news. And two months (is even better).

  18. hoping things are growing along.... thinking about you....


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