Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Back To School

Today was a big day. I had my first NCT class.  NCT, for the uninitiated, is the National Childcare Trust that runs classes for expectant parents.

The general consensus from my friends who have done the classes is that the instruction is OK but really limited to the birth and leaves you a bit in the lurch about what to do afterwards. But their main reason for suggesting I attend is that it is an opportunity to meet other people in the area who are about to give birth who will form your support network during your maternity leave.

It has also been likened to Fresher's week, where you enthusiastically meet a bunch of people who are your best friends for three months and you then spend the next four years trying to shake them off.

The husband and I have just got back from the class and debriefed ourselves on our new 'best friends'. There were the pair with the celebrity couple names, the young couple, the guy we thought had a dry sense of humour, the one who looks like that DJ, and the ones who were most "like us".

You know whenever you go on a training course there is always one person who asks annoying questions and the rest of the group bond by rolling their eyes at each other whenever that person pipes up? I didn't see anyone like that - which leads me to conclude that I must have been that person.

The class was interesting without being massively ground breaking. There were a few myths debunked - apparently hospitals won't bar you from leaving with the kid if you don't have a car seat, which is lucky as we don't have a car, let alone a seat for one.

The main lesson learnt, from the model pelvis and ball exercise, was that I need to give birth standing up. Um ... ok then.

I'm quite looking forward to next week.


  1. WFI, you are really moving in big steps towards baby, congratulations!

    I've always wondered about that car seat thing. Here, I'm told, you need to get your car seat installation checked by a police officer... (and we don't have a car either)

  2. We had a 1 day Saturday class...and my husband wasn't even there for most of it! It didn't matter, because I knew from the start that I wouldn't be doing anything other than having a c-section (I'm quite the prophet - I was only off by about 5 hours on the useless labor part...and not even that if you count from when my water started breaking).

    Enjoy your new BFFs - you might actually find some people to commiserate with long term...

  3. oh yay, sounds like it went well. wish I'd done it actually. yeah, I wondered about the car seat thing. surely a pram suffices?! (pram decision, next????????? absolutely love my bugaboo bee, well nifty.)*

    *conversations I thought we'd never have.**

    **based on the fact I thought we'd never get so 'old', not because of your fertility trauma.

  4. GAH. Blogspot has gobbled my comments three times. I WILL NOT BE BEATEN BY YOU, BLOGSPOT. YOU PIECE OF SOFTWARE.

    Deep breath. Ah! Now, where was I?

    That sounded like fun! More than the Irish NCT which is where you go to see your car fail the brake test.

    I want to hear more about the classmates. Cameos and guest appearances, please?

  5. Am still friends with most of my NCT group nearly two years later - we instituted a "book club" where we only read wine labels, so that we meet up at least monthly for girly chats. On a more serious point tho, when I ended up with postnatal depression, one of them called in every day to have a cup of tea with me and make sure I was ok - I would have been lost without them.

    1. Hahahah a book club with only wine labels. LOVE IT. Can I sign up?

  6. Wow that makes it sound so exciting and real. I'm really looking forward to the class, cheesy or helpful or not, just so I can feel that much closer to the real thing.

    Also, my husband and I totally do the same thing when we meet people. So fun to compare impressions and pick people apart. Ouch, that sounded pretty bad...ha.

  7. I never thought to connect with the other couples in my class. I went merely to educate my husband on the ins and out of birthing. As I see it pretty regularly in my line of work, I felt pretty prepared for whatever was thrown at me, but my husband has never had any experience with newborns or laboring moms.

    I think some of the couples in your class sound quite interesting. I look forward to hearing more about them as the classes continue :)

  8. My friends who have been to NCT said they were all struggling not to giggle and they only went back because it was expensive. I (and my friend who did the NHS classes) on the other hand have ONLY made the friends and didn't have to sit through the classes.

  9. Love the Freshers Week analogy.

  10. Wowowowowowow! It is just wonderful to read that you are pregnant! Yay! It's been ages since I checked my own blog, let alone anyone else's and learning that you are pregnant is just fabulous news. I hope you are enjoying your pregnancy and look forward to following your story...(Barren Lazza) xxx

  11. I always giggle when exercising with partner - when I do a class its amazing how many different people are out there - that's how the world goes round!



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