Monday, 1 April 2013

Almost 20 weeks

I've been away.

I spent last week in Spain which was perfect timing, not least because the UK hasn't worked out that it should be spring so is doing a pitch perfect impression of Narnia during the White Witch's reign.

I hadn't been sure if my crippled nipples were a result of the freeze causing them to implode or the pregnancy sharpening them up ready for a sucky little mouth. Judging by how much they continued hurt even when warm I am guessing the latter.

My morning sickness however has been clearly affected by the cold and early mornings, as for three days in a row whilst on holiday I wasn't sick. Coming back yesterday after getting up at sparrow-fart o'clock to get to the plane it struck back with vengeance, on the plane, train and taxi. Luckily I'd stocked up on sick bags on the plane. EasyJet paper puke bags for the win!

The best moment happened on Friday.

Good Friday.

I hadn't quite been sure whether I'd felt the baby move previously. You know when someone starts talking about nits, or fleas, or Piers Morgan and you start to itch? Well, I wasn't sure if the sensations I thought I was feeling were actual movements or a manifestation of my hopes. I knew what I was supposed to be looking out for - something like bubbles or butterflies in my uterus. Or maybe something that could be mistaken for indigestion.

Instead, on Friday night, I felt something more akin to tectonic plate movements in my uterus. A huge shift of something. And that something, I am guessing, was Doug making it's presence known.

I hope to see a bit more of Doug soon, on Thursday, I have a 20 week scan - after which I can start to refer to her or him rather than it. Which is nice.


  1. What a happy post. (well, except for the plane/train/taxi portion) Love. :)

  2. Ah, the first recognizable movement! How exciting. Can't wait to hear if Doug is a boy or girl...I hope you're sharing!

  3. I have just giggled out loud on the train at your Piers Morgan reference... Looking forward to Thursday's surprise x

  4. Those tectonic shifts sound awesome :)
    (Though to be honest, the real ones are kind of scary, the plate shifts, I mean.)

  5. So glad to see this blogpost...even if its mainly about vomit. I was getting worried about you!

  6. Wow! glad you had a few days respite from the sickness on holiday and that you've started feeling those amazing movements! i'm very excited about thursday, hope everything looks healthy and you get the nappy shot xxxx

  7. Tectonic, wow. Do they have an adapted Richter scale for that?
    Wondering if you already have a visible bump. Or maybe winter clothes are still bigger and therefore hiding?
    Here's to hoping Doug will not keep its legs crossed all of Thursday!
    (and to hoping I manage to pass the verification...)

  8. Yay for holidays and squee! on movement! Hello little Doug!

  9. Doug rolled sweetie...... :) Glad all is well.

  10. The Quickening!!!! Yes movement rocks, so glad things are going well!

  11. I used to think it felt like a guitar string being plucked, very, very lightly.

    Lovely to read this post and to hear that you are very nearly half way there. And I hope the White Witch desists.

  12. A terrific moment in your life, I am so happy for you. Keep feeding us with your progress and best of luck to you.

  13. Before long Doug's movements will feel like a 'rat in a sack' and then the 'alien within' as she practises getting her arms in that little flowery cardigan ;-)

  14. EasyJet FTW! I've always thought their sick bags looked a bit better than Ryanair's...
    Lovely to see a post :)

  15. All the best for today. Those first few movements are o exciting

  16. Exciting times, W!
    Though still morning-sick? You poor woman. No need to be quite so stoic about it. I mean, it didn't do much for the ancient Romans.
    Feel free to complain bitterly, I do.


  17. Spain........ ahhhhhh....... I wish.


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