Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Paved with good intentions

Often, once a blogger becomes pregnant they tend to stop posting so much. Maybe because they feel awkward about sharing the trials and tribulations of their pregnancies when they are conscious so many of their followers aren't there yet. Some find that once they don't have doctor's appointments to dissect and baby showers to avoid they don't have much to say.

I don't have any such qualms.

I have a stack of posts I want to write, I've noted them down on my phone. I've even half-written some of them, but only actually completed Naming Doug.

Why have I been reluctant to post?

Because I am ill. I have morning sickness, evening sickness, and constant tiredness. Is this a cause for complaint. No fucking way - bring on the nausea - I like my food so seeing it twice is always a treat. And given the choice of pregnant and ill or neither, of course I'd take the former.

This isn't helped by my pregnancy tracker apps cheerfully telling me things like today's words of wisdom "You're probably feeling brighter and livelier than in the first three months. Your energy should be returning, your breasts may be less tender, and your queasiness may have gone."

Well, on the plus side, my breasts aren't tender.

As for the rest, the puking and tiredness is hardly conducive to crafting funny, light-hearted posts.

So if I go quiet don't worry that things have gone wrong, or that I've lost my appetite for blogging. I haven't - I've simply lost my appetite. 


  1. Must be a girl in there. Already making her presence known and giving you a hard time.

    In thirteen years she'll be criticising your taste in clothes and rolling her eyes just because you breathed.

    However, the She-Doug'll be worth it.

  2. I'm just gonna say that for 1 week, nothing, including soap, smelled good. After that, everything was fine. :)

    I hope you will soon feel better...

  3. I know how that is. The All-day sickness that doesn't let up after that 1st tri. I will say I did slowly start feeling less nauseous after about 16w and then altogether at 20w.

    I'm thinking girl too!

    Rest as much as you can and I recommend sour candies!

  4. I'm going to ask a question, however stupid. (sorry) Does nausea help make the pregnancy feel real? I remember the tiredness, remember thinking it was my thyroid and me screwing things up, rather than thinking 'this is me pregnant' I guess I spent the first 20+ weeks panicking before the magic kicked in, literally. And I'm hoping that you manage to feel better sooner.

  5. No, that is utterly rotten, you poor woman. I thought you were supposed to feel all fantastic after 12 weeks..? WTF. So sorry. And do complain. We reserve the right to be human, after all.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. hahahah Im really smilling at this post. So many women I know have got that BFP and then spent the whole time moaning. I love the fact you are saying yes I have the symptoms they are making me feel horrible but bring it on.....

    I do hope you feel better soon.

  7. Pregnancy trackers are a load of shite. Step away! I didn't have morning sickness, but evening sickness instead. My poor husband was distraught at my refusing to eat the dinner he'd lovingly (ok, thrown together) prepared for me. And the glow? Never felt it. But hope you stop puking very soon.

  8. miss drink too:( but my parasite will arrive just in time to let me enjoy sangria season and yours will be here by cider season. there is always that to look forward to, in addition to the actual baby thing of course.

    if you meant something else by "Miss Drink", like if that is someone you know that you wanted to post about, or you misplaced a water bottle somewhere, i blame this entire comment on my wine deficit.

  9. Wait until you suffer the first 3 to 6 months of no sleep, up at all weird hours. Then the terrible 2/3's. You'll remember tossing your cookies as "the good old days". But it's worth it, hope you feel better soon.

  10. Oh I hear you lady. I was puking several times a day up til about 18 weeks (damn you pregnancy trackers telling about how you're supposed to be feeling better). And then still puking every few days since then, but much more manageable. However in the last week (23-24 weeks) the daily puking has returned! How is that even possible? As soon as you think you're done they 'pull you back in!'

    Also, I just wrote a 'baby on board' post, not sure if it's similar to the one you had in mind - mine is somewhat London-specific :)


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