Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Naming 'it'

The Shelia asked whether I had a name for the my little womb-dwelling inhabitant. As it happens I do.

It got named very quickly – a stark contrast to last time I was pregnant when I hadn’t settled on anything. I think last time that I didn’t come up with a name mainly because to start with I had a sneaking suspicion they might have been twins so couldn’t give a single name until I knew. Then when I found out it had been twins but one was no more the idea of a cute name was far down on my list of priorities – all I wanted was to see the little collection of cells progress. I didn’t and it remained unnamed.

With this one the name came almost by accident with no fore-thought whatsoever. I guess this happens quite a lot indicated by the plethera of names like bean, bubba, bump, peanut, jellybean, jellybaby, gummie bear, blob, Trevor ...

Some people get more inventive. I particularly liked my sister’s choice of Paris – after Paris Hilton? you may query, or maybe a classical reference to the Trojan abductor of Helen? Nope, short for 'Parasite' a literal description of this alien being that was feeding off her.

Some names stick forever - the husband is still called the same name lovingly bestowed upon him in the womb by his parents long before they knew whether he was a he or she. Another friend’s parents called all three of their children Fred whilst they were bumps. Her two brothers escaped the name when they made it outside the uterine cavity, she – despite having a perfectly good female name – will remain Fred to me and a select group of her school friends for ever.

So back to me (because that has been a good three paragraphs about other people): our name derived from the words of support and encouragement I gave the embryo when it was bedding in to my womb. Remember how I gave up on the hypnotherapy stuff and resorted to encouragingly shouting womb-wards “DIG IN!”. The day after the positive test my verbal tick kicked in and I started to yell at my womb when I remember it had dug in and needed to just stay. So mid-shout I changed dig to dug. And the name stuck.

We now have Doug.

Of course even if it is a boy child we will never actually be able to name him Doug, or Douglas, as there was a more famous Douglas who sneaked in early with our surname, and whilst he is someone both the husband and I think was bloody brilliant it seems unfair to saddle junior with a name that has already been taken. However the husband is still putting in an early bid for it as a middle name, particularly if we have a girl - I guess we’ll have to see how off my tits I am on post-birth drugs when we finalise the name.

Those of you who have got that far, what did you call your fetus?

A few folk have asked to see a scan picture (presumably after the lasts post's shocking revelations you want to check that I am really telling the truth this time). I know that it can be difficult to be assaulted by scan pictures when you aren't in the right frame of mind. So I have added them to my 'What the IVF?' page for you to look at or not as the mood takes you.

On that note - I've been writing and reading blogs for coming up to five years. In that time I have seen masses of bloggers get pregnant and have babies. This is how I normally deal with it: 
Get very pleased for the blogger in question, congratulate them and wish them well. As their pregnancy progresses I check in to make sure everything is going well but tend to comment less. Once the baby is born (when I can have very little input on sleep patterns or teething), I drift quietly away.

Obviously I'd love it if you kept reading but equally completely understand how it might be difficult. I will want to talk about my pregnancy without apology, so I guess I am saying don't feel obliged to keep reading if it is hard - I'll understand way better than most.

Shit, almost went serious there. Quick, send over a knob gag.


  1. A knob gag? Is that a dick joke?

    See, every time I hear Doug (or Dug), I think of the very affectionate but extremely ditzy dog from Up. I'm pretty sure we just called our girl "the baby." We're very creative in our house. :)

  2. Also, holy crap! There's a baby in that scan picture!

    But this is some time traveler stuff, because your transfer info is marked December 2013, which, unless I took a reaaaaaalllly long nap, hasn't happened yet. :)

  3. We called our belly 'Buggy' not like a pram, more a little creature. It has stuck, and he gets called that still. It still passable at 6 months but it may be less fun for him when I facebook him as a teenager from downstairs to tell him dinner is on the table :)

  4. JUST KEEP ON WRITING throughout the pregnancy and after.... and pictures will be thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed too. THANK YOU for your blog.

  5. I think its a girl. And I'm partial to boy names for girls middle names, so douglas could be amazing. Super happy for you and will love to continue reading. Your story is inspirational.

  6. We flirted with calling the baby ALF (as in alien life form) considering how damn sick I was but then we saw it on the screen and blob it became.

    Love the scan, congratulations lovely.

  7. our first was 'bunny' in utero (as in bun in oven) which has stuck. our second was 'zippy' and it turned out to be very appropriate as she was a very active baby in there... hasn't stuck in the outer world though!
    so pleased for you!

  8. mhm... the first eight weeks they were the twins. Then on the ten week scan the remaining one was so actively jumping around it was dubbed grasshopper, adn I'm still using that name on my blog. At the 20 week scan we got an idea of boy/girl and privately have been using the 'future' name. Just that at the last two scans they couldn't confirm and I'm starting to worry 'what if it is someone else and we've been calling it by the wrong name for 19 weeks?!' (and no, no other real name available, so I could be in for a shock in hospital)

  9. More importantly, what was Mr WFI's baby name? Go on, you've got to tell us now...

    And careful with those knob gags - they sound rather uncomfortable.

    G x

  10. I was going to suggest Doug, I was I was!

    Remember Stella is still available for when she's born :).
    That is a beautiful scan picture, so exciting xxx

  11. The onomastician in me would be delighted to see Douglas as a girl's middle name. In the 16th and 17th C England, its use was about equally split between men and women.

    Our surname is a German one ending in -man, and since my husband has always used just his surname as his user name whenever he needs an online account (one of the advantages of being one of only, at the time, 3 people in the world with this surname in that spelling), I've occasionally used for my user name the form ending -woman, so of course, I carried an -baby. We still call her that occasionally.

  12. The first one we called Jellybean. The second lot (currently in utero) are the dreadful duo .

    You HAVE to tell us the husband's nickname now - no escaping it!

    Love the scan picture - I think the 12 week one is always the best because you can see the whole baby in one shot - the 20 week one always manages to look like a Skeletor to me! So are you going to find out the sex or not? Or find out and not tell but run a sex and weight competition, per Xbox?

  13. I'm so pleased you're pregnant, and even more pleased you've got to the second trimester. It's fantastic news, and I totally get the not telling. Obviously!
    Ours was called: it, alien, baby and her. Not too imaginative in this house but when I spoke to her I used to call her Angel.

  14. You've got to give up what the hubs nickname was now!

    Our baby was affectionately called Gigantor because of the beast of a baby he was while gestating. Every ultrasound I went to, the tech would tell us with great surprise how big our baby was. I am very lucky to be pregnant again by IVF and this baby, as with his or her baby brother, is fucking huge. So this one is Gigantrix. We don't know the sex of the baby (we didn't find out with our son either) but I have this strong feeling that its a girl so Gigantrix seems to work for us this time around :)

    I can't wait to read more about Doug! I love the name! I'll be crusing over to the viewing section now to check out Doug's first photos!

  15. love it! I was calling mine the tadpoles for awhile, then just T1 and T2, and now 'the dudes' - which I guess is misleading for british people because they're a boy and a girl (supposedly!) but its stuck.

  16. Doug--fantastic! I called my inhabitant " the golden grapefruit" as it felt like a heavy grapefruit sized mass in there at one point. And the golden part-- well you know how much these treatments cost, at least for us Yanks. Five years---wow god love you for hanging in there.

  17. Doug is adorable! We called our not-arriving-until-spring baby "Bob" for the first 20 weeks. Then we found out Bob is a girl. I still think "Bob" in my head sometimes, but we chose an appropriate female name for her, too. ;-)

  18. I will still be away about your pregnancy. I crossed over in 2008 when our son was born and again in 2010 after more treatments. I like to continue reading the IF blogs to offer encouragement and to always remember that just because I got my babies and my pain is behind me...others still struggle and need help and encouragement. I'm still so very thrilled for you Liz. Yay.

    As for in-utero names....Our first one was G-Dub...and then...just Dub. We had our names picked for boy or girl already...Geneveive or William. So we just combined ended up being William (the dub) we shortened it to dub.

    For baby two...we still had Genevieve on the list and chose Noah for a hense...that baby was Genoah until we foud out she was a she at about 16 weeks.

    I love Doug though. It kind of makes me think of the Dog in the Pixar movie "UP". No matter what...Doug was always there, showing up and sticking around. I love that your Doug will do that too...


  19. Was zooming in on your scan picture quicker than...too tired to invent anything funny. Looks like a girl, to me! (Yes, I really am that annoying.)



  20. Our first printed sonograms had the crown to rump length measurements on them. Somehow his mind immediately went from CRL (not to mention crown and rump!) to Oliver Cromwell. I tried to suggest Carl as a more logical, and less political, derivation of CRL, but no, I am carrying an Oliver Cromwell. Not sure how I feel about that.

  21. My little bro was Squig when he was in but became Monkey once he was out. I think Doug is brilliant, it made me smile.

  22. I love Doug! Before we knew ours was a girl (so the whole pregnancy), we called her Pugsley, Spawn, and hubs called baby Leroy Jenkins. I'm totally in love with boy names for girls. Our girl middles were Ryan and Parker (which we used).

    Oh and I just came across this find that is apparently 97% accurate in determining gender. Girls have placentas on the left and boys on the right. I can't tell from your pic, but I'd be interesting to see if it was true for you guys!

  23. Pleased all is going well with you and Doug! I hope your whole pregnancy goes well. As far as me keep reading; I always keep reading, but you are right, tend to comment less. I guess it depends on where I am and how I am feeling mentally! X

  24. Just a warning... There usually is a huge drop off post baby, and it can be really hard at first. I and a lot of others I know reported feeling lonely post baby bc there's so much to adjust to, and it's very hard to identify with those who easily got pg and carried to term still. So you're kind of lost in the middle. If you need support after, shout it out ok?

  25. We called Ewan, "seahorse."

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  27. An until now silent lurker here. (I've been reading your blog for ages, having struggled with infertility for the past 4+ years, but we got our miracle a couple of months before you - which made me even silenter, as I couldn't come & gloat when you were going through it all.)

    So pleased about your pregnancy!!! The best of luck for the months & years to come. :)

    Our babe has gone from the usual bean to shrimp to Eddie. He so looked Eddie the monster of Iron Maiden record sleeves in his 12-week scan that the name stuck. He's 21 weeks old now & a little less monstrous in his 20-week photo, but the name can stay. :)

    Katie x

  28. Our twins were jokingly "the ticks" from the moment the embryos were transferred because we wanted to picture them latching in and sucking a life giving force!

    Then our RE said something about embryos attaching like ticks at our 10 week scan and we thought "yep, that's stuck." We still talk about them as the ticks now that they're out.


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