Monday, 4 February 2013

Dragging through the two week wait

For those of you who wonder whether for this IVF I'll test early let me point you in the direction of this post.

To summarise: I won't.

Luckily this being a frozen embryo transfer there was no trigger shot to give me a false positive. Even without that false friend, when I test I don't want to squint in the early morning light wondering if there is a faint line or just my imagination drawing it in.

It isn't easy exerting this amount of willpower over a body that hasn't been denied a slice of cake or packet of mini cheddars since my last diet in 1993. Although it has been wheeled out occasionally when I give up booze, which I've been doing on an irregular basis for the last six years.

So you can stop logging in everyday to check - yes, I'm talking to you.

But that doesn't mean that I am not thinking about what is happening in there every day.  I've graduated from my hypnosis meditation on visualising the embryo embedding into a healthy blood-rich womb from simply shouting "DIG IN!" in the general direction of my gut at random intervals during the day.

There are some uterine twinges. But what these twinges mean I can't be sure.

My breasts feel normal. (Although the husband is more likely to describe them as feeling spectacular, but we are judging on different criteria.)

The drugs are being taken, and are likely to be the cause of any tiredness or other could-that-be-a-pregnancy-symptom type thing.

It's like waiting for Christmas and genuinely not knowing whether you are going to find a lump of coal or presents in your stocking. (See, keeping it topical.)


  1. I just wait for you to pop up in my reader. :)

    Much luck!

  2. *Twiddles thumbs*

  3. I check...can't help myself. I'm not sure exactly when your Beta is I have to. It has been 11 days since betas were always 10 days after I was hoping for good news. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Seriously....I have more "symptoms" now that I am all tied up and done with babies than I ever really had while actually trying and pregnant. So you are right not to give them much thought. Yay for you for excersizing will-power. I have none...I cheated and POAS every single cycle!!!!

  4. I'm guilty of checking. I should just put you in the reader and wait for you to pop up. Thinking about you across an ocean.

  5. I am with you on the no testing. I drove myself crazy the first few months we were trying and never again. Now I either start my period or I am pregnant. I would have to be about a week late for my very regular cycle before I started to get excited.

    I will be on the edge of my seat for you my dear.

  6. I'm with May on the twiddling thumbs.... La, la, la, don't mind me lurking. Hopefully great things are happening and you'll let us know soon!

  7. I'll join you with the dig in thoughts.

  8. I'm hoping and praying for you every single day...I admire your strength in holding out, but I TOTALLY understand. I have no idea what I will do next time around...part of me wants to hold off and part of me wants to feed the devil...

  9. Well I'm waiting and sending you lots of very positive thoughts..

  10. Err, yes have been stalking!

  11. wishing, hoping, praying.....
    You have the willpower of the amazing horse in War Horse if you still haven't tested! Thinking positive thoughts of you and sending lots of love, Wig xxx thank you very much for the discretely slushy birthday card xxx


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