Saturday, 19 January 2013

Womb scan update

Four days ago I needed just one more millimeter of growth to get the 8mm lining that my Doc was looking for. Eight to 14 is the optimum thickness for embryo transfer.

Four days ago I'd been scanned and judged to be increasing womb thickness at a rate of about a millimeter a day.

Four days ago I was taking - and have been continuing to take - a shed-load of drugs to help that womb lining plump up. Shall we just recap on what I am taking to try to my make womb lining do what it should be doing naturally at this stage of a cycle?

I'm slapping on Oestrogen patches (Everol) on each upper thigh and refreshing them every 48 hours (as a fun bonus giving my upper thighs a little three inch square waxing as I rip them off). But this isn't the only stuff worming its way into my system.

As an added Oestrogen-fix I'm swallowing three little Progynova pills a day, and for added straight-to-the-womb goodness shoving two of the same little ones up the love tunnel.

But that isn't all that is going up the wizard's sleeve. I've got Crinone being squished up there twice a day - a progesterone chaser. And, of course the bloody bum jabs, Prontogest for straight to the arse-muscle progesterone.

So bearing that in mind.

How much do you reckon my womb lining has grown?

Wanna throw a ballpark number into the ring?

And before you go betting the family silver on this, just remember one thing:

This is my womb-lining we are talking about. (Have a quick look at the blog title, see it isn't over optimistic about my womb).

And you answer?

Bonus points and a free subscription to the blog if you said zero millimeters.




Fuck all.

Still 7mm.

My Doctor is, amazingly, unconcerned. She is happy to go ahead with the transfer regardless. I am not sure if her nonchalance is a front to reassure me, or if she really isn't that bothered, but her optimism is kind of infectious.

The good news, as far as she is concerned, is that its constituents parts are looking top-notch - if a little thin, kinda like Demi Moore after her break up.

It has the triple-layer that my Doc looks for and that is more important than a fat old womb.

Also an embryo is tiny right? If a person can drown in seven inches of water an embryo can dig-in in 7mm of plumped-up womb.

Transfer will happen this week.

Bring it.


  1. Well, in my (entirely useless) opinion, I can't see how 1 mm can make a huge amount of difference. I mean, if the structure is right and looking good, extra may not be necessary.

    Come on, transfer! Hoping for success here...

  2. Fingers crossed for you! It's good that the 3 layers are there. There's still time for it to thicken up.

  3. Wizard's sleeve? I nearly wet my pants!!! Good luck, wishing you all the best!

  4. My last womb measurement was 7mm, with a triple layer, before I had two embryos transferred in. I'd write more, but I must go to sleep to get some rest before my fraternal twin toddlers wake me up in the morning. :) Hope you have a similar outcome -- good luck!

  5. I had a sinking feeling throughout the beginning of the post, but what a high to end on! Good luck with the transfer!

  6. I want to make a silly joke about the freezing weather and the upcoming FET.
    But with my fantastic cold that is not happening. Just hope that our ridiculous weather will not spill over to you and bring life & traffic to a halt. Want you to have the best chance you can!

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  8. Good luck! I like the number 7 better than 8 anyway.

  9. Go for it sweetie - wouldn't be surprised if you were too clogged up with crinone (yuck) for those 'wizard sleeve' meds to make it! Good Luck!

  10. Yeah! Let's do this, little embryo! xxx

  11. If the doc's not worried, then she must have seen success with lining like yours glad you can go ahead and dont have to put up with more waiting. Please make 2013 be your year, good luck my friend xxxx

  12. Oh good luck good luck good luck!!! Lets get you knocked up!

  13. Slender but perfect sounds very elegant. Go!

  14. I had a 7mm lining as well, transferred 2 embryos and both stuck. I now have nearly 2 year old fraternal twin girls. :)

  15. Seriously, I am wishing you the best of luck this week. You certainly deserve this and I'll be hoping from across the world that it happens indeed. Looks like I'm hopping on the IVF train in the next couple months.

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  17. there is error in u/s measurements, so dont totally rule out that it grew a bit, maybe even 2 mm if the other day the error was 1mm over and this day it was 1 mm under.

    good luck in any case!!!!


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