Wednesday, 16 January 2013

tap ... tap ... is this thing on?

Well this blogging lark hasn’t really taken off for me in 2013 has it?

Never fear, you have not been forgotten - merely my blogging has been superseded by real life events.

This year I’ve moved.


First into my older sister's house for a week which was in many ways brilliant. We get on really well, and luckily so do our respective husbands. In fact to the casual observer one might almost suspect the boys get on better than the girls as a peek into the sitting room at night would see the chaps discussing their shared passion for football, wine and – a newly discovered one – Pawn Stars. Whilst my sister and I curled up at either end of the sofa grunting monosyllabically at each other whilst playing Words With Friends (with each other).

I became the bedtime story reader of choice for my four year old nephew. Whilst the six year old, trying to read his own book, stomped off to another room for some peace and quiet – clearly my dramatic voices for Bob the Builder’s various mechanical friends were too distracting.

It wasn’t all fantastic and any vaguely nurtured thoughts of moving to South London were swiftly cast aside when I let both trains and tubes pass me before managing to haul myself on to the third of fourth that came along and squash myself under someone’s armpit for the journey. As someone who, in ten years of working in London, has only ever walked or cycled to work it was a hideous shock. Four days of the commute was enough to put me off forever.

The next move was into a rented flat in the area that we have decided we want to live in. A road away from ‘the house that fell through’. The flat is smaller than our last one and colder.

So, so much colder.

But we are in, we have the dog back, we are surrounded boxes and we have no internet or TV. So are discovering the lost art of conversation (and huddling together for body warmth).

But you don’t want to hear about the mundanities of my new flat - this blog is Womb For Improvement, not Room for Improvement. Snort! And the womb has not been inactive.

From a standing start of a womb lining that was so thin it was practically non-existent I started the drugs. So many drugs. Side effects haven’t been too bad. I read that the steroids I am taking (Prednisolone) have a tendency to make the takers really energised to the extent they suffer from insomnia. I’ve not noticed this but I do, on advice, take them in the morning with food so maybe the insomnia would be more pronounced if taking them just before bed.

The other side effect is said to be weight gain. I have definitely chubbed up. I have been eating a lot, but is is difficult to know whether the drugs are really to blame or just my natural greed being given full reign on the basis that I am always happier to treat myself when undergoing a cycle (and depriving myself of booze and tea).

So the other day, a week after starting the drugs I went for a scan to see how things were developing and it was awesome. 7 mm in 7 days. They are looking for 8mm and with at least another week to go things are looking very positive.

I go back on Saturday for a another scan and hopefully from that a date for the transfer.


Long post.

And this is why I shouldn’t leave it so long between posts in the future.


  1. We, too, have moved this year already, but, THANK GOODNESS, only once. Two weeks in and most boxes that aren't books are still not unpacked, we still have no kitchen table (or indeed any chairs other than my husband's desk chair) or working washing machine (and we keep putting off going to the laundromat, so the laundry keeps piling up in the bathroom).

    I admire that your stopover with your sister went so well. When we prepared to move to Europe years back, we moved in with my sister for two weeks. Between our two cats and her two cats, a young baby (hers), and the fact that they aren't coffee drinkers so Joel went without coffee for two was not an entirely pleasant sojourn. There's a reason we made the move with a layover in Reykjavik just long enough for us to crash in the hot springs for awhile before continuing.

  2. Hiya!

    Moving house, AND cycling? You don't need prednisone to send you batshit crazy. Perhaps it has acted like matter meeting anti-matter and all the interference has lead to a smooth flat place - you did do that experiment in physics, didn't you? The one with the tray full of water and the lights and the oscillator bobble things? No? Never mind then. I do talk an awful lot of rot.

    As for commuting in to work, over an hour each way, yes, well, some of us are hardcore and do it all the time and there's a reason I have to spend my lunch-breaks as far away from other human beings as possible with my head in either a book or a bucket of coffee. If I don't I feel the urge to go postal come upon me on the commute home. Especially if it involves standing with someone else's handbag wedged into the side of my tit.


    Wishing you much much luck.

  3. Sounds like things are going well womb-wise. Much luck - I hope that trend is just beginning and lasts a very long time!

    Do you have a short term lease, so you can leave on a whim? Or do you have a period of time to try and find another place? Have you seen anything you like yet? Looking at homes is both exciting and dreadful, isn't it? Good luck with that too!

  4. Welcome back! And, by the way my new house is warm, really warm and we barely need to put the heating on. Mild Cornwall and modern house construction is probably the reason why ;-)

  5. Best of luck for this cycle. Pred never kept me awake but used to give me lots of energy during the day. If you have any skin problems, it also magically clears it up! Coming off it can be biatch but it only takes a few days before you're back to normal.
    Crossing lots of fingers and toes for this cycle for you.

  6. Ooh! Hello!

    I sympathise on the stranger's armpit thing. I love big cities, myself, except for all the people. ;)
    Also the image of the huddling: you poor things. Oh dear. A little extra insulation on the person is a good thing, then. Hey, it's temporary. Most importantly, though, thumbs up on the scan! More of this sort of thing!

  7. Happy new year!!! Sorry you are going through moving hell, hope you settle in to your new flat. So very glad your lining is getting nice and fluffy hope the FET goes smoothly!

  8. Good luck for your cycle, I start my own DR next week - have missed your comedy posts!

  9. Huzzah! So glad that your womb is cooperating, and that you are settled into a new flat.

  10. A mm a day! That's awesome, well done. I made sure I took my Prednisolone in the mornings as well, and didn't feel any side effects either.
    Good luck with next week x

  11. Glad to hear that the womb is in action and behaving wonderfully! Looking forward to some more good news soon.

  12. Welcome back and hope the 2 moves went/go reasonably smoothly.

    Go lining go! Here's to successful and plump lining and a great cycle! Glad you aren't having too many side-effects from the drugs. As for the weight gain, just think of it as gaining baby-weight early.

  13. UGH! moving....a major pain in the butt no matter what...hope you can get settled and warm soon....good luck with the next scan!! Hoping for good news!!


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