Sunday, 23 December 2012

The only album you'll need this Christmas

This year Womb For Improvement Incorporated is, like a beardless Richard Branson, expanding our dominance of the home entertainment arena. Moving on from the timeless classics Barren BingoConception DeceptionConceive or Concede and last year’s Quizmas we are now launching our first musical number.

This year we are delighted to announce the release of our new Christmas album – festive enough for your friends and family to enjoy the tunes but also perfect for anyone who is undergoing Frozen Embryo Transfer this winter and wants a few tunes to encourage their embryos to dig in and stay the course.

A mix of classic festive tunes and popular classics to sooth your baby from conception through to defrosting and on to delivery:

  • Oh Come All Ye Faithful Into A Little Sample Pot
  • Ice Ice Baby 
  • Baby It’s Cold Outside (So Snuggle Down Into The Womb) 
  • Cold As Ice 
  • Frosty The Snowmanbaby 
  • The Holly And The Ivy(F) 
  • Happy Christmas (War Is Over Ward is Open)
  • Stay Now 
  • I Should Be So Lucky 
  • Driving (The Speculum) Home For Christmas 
  • All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth Embryos
  • Fairytale of New York Baby
  • When A Child Is Born

Songs performed by our in-house band Petra Dish and her Snowflakes.

Pre-order your copy now. Like IVF I can’t guarantee delivery, but I’ll be happy to take you money ...

Happy Christmas everyone! Try to over indulge.


  1. One of my neighbours is called Petri.
    I'm starting to wonder why now.
    Wishing everything wonderful for the you and the Snowflakes.

  2. Hilarious and brought on a much needed smile. Merry Christmas to you!

  3. bwahahaha!!
    Merry Christmas to you, too!

  4. I'm dreaming of an Eggwhite Cervical Mucus Christmas? Too far?

    Have a great one, Liz. And drink up. I'm hoping that 2013 will be predominantly dry in the WFI household.

  5. There with you

    O Come O Come Impant-a-a-a-a-tion
    And Captive Isreal

    Big Xmas Kiss to you xx


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