Monday, 17 December 2012

Me, me, me, me

I loved doing the agony aunt column whilst I was on a procreation break but let’s face it, I blog for one reason and one reason only - to talk about myself. So now that things are happening again let’s get back to the unfurling tale of my womb.

After three months of intensive provera action (a progesterone) with the expressed intention of reducing my womb-lining to wafer-thin proportions it was time to see if the drugs, contrary to Radiohead’s The Verve* assertion, do indeed work. To check that anything nasty has been got rid of and ensure that it can be re-grown to be a healthy embryo incubator.

At 7am the other morning I was at the hospital playing a game of spot the ailment with all the other patients looking trepidacious prior to their various operations. Some bought their partners, mothers, daughters for moral support. I bought my book and a stiff upper lip. The husband had offered to come with me but I’ve done this too many times to put him through the unnecessary hell of an early alarm - his only condition was that he come and collect me from the ward when all was done (with lemonade and salt and vinegar crisps of course).

This plan went slightly array as I assumed that he’d know to collect me from the hospital and he took it for granted that my op would be in the clinic 20minutes walk away. Cue some hilarious misunderstandings as he turned up at the wrong place asking to see his wife whilst I lay fuming wondering why the hell he wasn’t at my side.

The operation on the other hand, went without a hitch. In fact the three months of provera had done such a good job that my womb lining was thinner than a Jennifer Anniston plot line. To the extent that the doctor told me afterwards that he wasn't sure he'd managed to scrape enough out to get a proper biopsy. This is fantastic as without a thick womb lining there is nowhere for the nasties to lurk.

The results were backed up by my Doctor who I saw last week and who has given me the all clear to start the next round of IVF.

I am ready to boost up the drugs and give my womb-lining a collagen implant of oestrogen by way of Progynova pills (three a day orally and two stuffed up the other place), oestrogen patches plastered over my upper thighs and and supported by daily clexane injections in my stomach and the progynova gets a crinone chaser up the vag twice daily.

If you thought that Frozen Embryo transfer was the drugs-light IVF option my clinic would profoundly disagree. I’m getting drugged up to the max which will put a bit of a downer on festive boozing but frankly missing out on the odd drink is a sacrifice that I am more than willing to make if it will result in a 2013 kid.

So this Christmas I’ll mostly be stuffing and swallowing drugs whilst stuffing and swallowing my turkey.

All going well embryo transfer will happen mid to late January.

* Thanks for pointing out I got the wrong band Twangy. Never let it be said this blog is thrown together and poorly researched ...


  1. So excited that your blog is back to YOU. Lots of lots of good luck and well wishes for this IVF cycle.

  2. The radioheads? Or the verves. Well as long as they were wrong! Great to hear all is ready anyway and to hear you are sittin pretty!

  3. So excited for you, you, you, you! Wishing you so much luck this time!

  4. WOW! I can't believe how quickly time flies. It seems like just yesterday you were asking for problems to solve....

    I'm so excited for you. And yes FET can be just as medicated as a fresh cycle. It's kind of insane! I'm headed that way soon too...I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a successful outcome this cycle!!!

  5. October babies are fantastic...well, mine is, anyway. :)

    Oh wait - this was supposed to be about you, wasn't it? Glad to hear that things went well at the scraping...I hope that you will have more excellent news once the IVF is done!

  6. Ugh, can't believe you have to go through all of that again, but this is all for a great cause. I have my fingers crossed for you that 2013 will be your magical year!

  7. No factual corrections here - just to say that I'm looking forward to some more wonderful you, you, you, you news soon! (And perhaps an occasional piece of agony aunt advice? I thought you put Dear Abby to shame.)

  8. Come on universe, you owe it to WFI to let this attempt result in a real live baby.

  9. Wahoo for things getting started, and hoping/wishing/praying that 2013 will be your year!

  10. Wow! Didn't realise it was so soon. Awesome. Exciting! I'm off the booze as well. Was fondly remembering our boozy berlin new year... if only we could do it again. Snowballs at ya. x

  11. That all sounds really promising. Let the stuffing begin! And may you turn triscaidekaphobia totally on its ear and have the best of luck for '13.

  12. Yeah for the wafer thin lining!! So nice to get good news. Very excited to see what the new year will hold for you.


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