Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Moving On

I've said it before, but being infertile and trying for a kid puts you in a sort of suspended animation.

I won't change jobs in case I get pregnant. I can't plan a holiday more than 7 months in advance in case I get pregnant. Even if I am on an IVF hiatus there is usually an appointment or operation that is bound to clash with my best laid plans.

We couldn't move house because we didn't know if we were looking for a family home or a young professional's sophisticated pad. Should we check out the local schools or bars? Worry about pram storage or a bike shed?

However lately I've got tired of my flat (apartment - keep up Yanks). I love it but it is flawed; the kitchen is too small for a pair of keen chefs, there's no garden and I can't fit any more eBay purchases in.

The husband and I both had fairly nomadic childhoods and being here for eight years (a record for both of us) we are restless.

So it seemed like the only sensible thing to do, whilst I am on an IVF hiatus, to put our flat on the market and set our sights on a cute little house a little further out of town.

You'll be delighted to know the local pub is immense, the garden has a shed for bikes and the kitchen will easily fulfill our culinary needs.

And, sigh, OK I read the local school's Ofsted reports, and I even worked out what the local maternity hospital is.

Nothing but relentlessly optimistic, me.


  1. So, have you purchased it yet? How exciting! Moving sucks, but a new place is fantastic...

  2. Nothing at all wrong with having the best of both worlds! Infertility just sucks, and the way it completely pervades every single aspect of your life is sickening. If you can hedge your bets and have a great flat that supports your adult needs as well as those of your future family, go for it!

  3. Wow! Congrats! A new home is so exciting, a fresh start. May your new garden be healthy and bountiful!

  4. The limbo of not being able to commit to a big change "in case you get pregnant" is the worst!! I say go for this new place, it will enliven you both again as you will feel like you've had control over SOMETHING positive! Yay for change!

  5. yay for kitchen made for chefs! And maybe eBay will sponsor your move ;-)

  6. Good for you! It never hurts to be prepared on both fronts, pubs and schools. Even parents need to drink... a lot, at times. ;)

  7. Excellent news, Liz. It sounds like the right move and the garden/kitchen combination is wonderful (and I bet your pooch will highly appreciate both). We were also pretty rootless, and even though there have been moments when I've cursed our new purchase (a sewage backup comes to mind) to have the space and green and peace is very nice indeed.

    And I like to think of it as more realistic than optimistic. (I also like to think of it as the straw that tickles the karmic camel's back, and gets the baby caravan moving - at last - to it's proper destination...i.e., your new house).

  8. we went through the same thing... and ended up buying a cute little house that would be pretty great for baby stuff (though I'm not 100% convinced of the schools - but that's a very long way off with not-even-being-pregnant). We justified it saying that even if we don't have kids we still deserve a nice place to live!

  9. Great idea. A house is a whole different adult thing - it can be very satisfying. A shed, a kitchen and you know, an upstairs and everything.. You'll be gardening which is surprisingly entertaining. Who knew?

    Exciting times, Liz.

  10. I so recognise the sentiment in this. So many things get postponed or not able to book because in the middle of treatment or the 'what if I am pregnant by then' thoughts. It comes to a point were you had enough. I'm glad you are taking the step to move, be it for yourselves or a future family, of course, I hope for the latter.

  11. You have to check schools and hospitals when investing in real estate. For the resale value!

    During our trial to have a baby, I had to buy a new car. Because there were just two of us, and who knew if there would be three, we bought a smaller car.

    I got pregnant the month after we bought the car.

    I say plan the vacations, change jobs. No faster way to invite the chaos of a LO.

  12. wonderful news, a new home is exciting. I hope your place sells & settles nice and quick.


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