Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Thank you for all your suggestions about what to write.

April asked if I got tickets to the Olympics. Nope. I tried but failed, although I did pop down to see some of the marathon on Sunday as it was a mere hop, skip and jump away from my house. (Shit wrong event).

Are You Kidding Me urges me to write a discourse on "why do you suppose that people of the British Isles find the word c*nt acceptable (ish) as a curse word, whereas Americans, especially women, find it the most horrible insult imaginable? " Personally I have never used the word "cant" as a swear word, mostly because an old teacher kept telling me there was no such word as "can't".

He was a right cunt though.

And with no obvious link Kelley at Magneto Bold too came up with the obvious solution. I should write about her. Though my humble blog could never capture her awesomeness / brain washing ability as to the nature of her awesomeness so you'll just have to pop over and see her for yourself.

Anonymous asked me to survey the postcode lottery in the UK that can make or break our funded IVF dreams.  Unfortunately as austerity measures take hold it seems to change almost monthly and I would hate to broadcast incorrect information.

Another Elizabeth from Bebe Suisse (add your own accents) just wants some brass nuts, which shows some brass neck. (No, I've no idea what I mean either.)

Newly pregnant (!) Emily suggestes a monthly challenge, but I'm crap at following rules so I can't do that.

Amanda wrote an incisive and incredibly funny comment (so she assures me) that suggested I take some photos but she is a far better photographer than me so I can't match that.

The (once) bunless oven suggests a 'Best Of WFI' post. So I gave her the cash I promised, but have to direct anyone who wants to read back to here.


My absolute favourite suggestion came via email from a mate. And I know you will read this and assume I just made it up, but I promise you it is genuine (and if it was a plant I would have made up a name and posted it as a comment on my own blog).

She reckons I should become an agony aunt.

I love this idea.


(Enough for capitals if not double exclamation marks.)

There is little I like more than imposing my own views on other peoples dilemmas.

So either email me at or post a comment with you dilemma and Auntie Lizzie will respond.

A few ground rules:

1) If you think my response is going to be: go to hospital, go to the police, or get out. Then do that don't wait around to be told.

2) The more trivial your dilemma the better. A point of etiquette?  A conversation about body odour? An addiction to the Olympics? I'm your girl.

3) On that note, don't think it needs to be infertility related. No one has a more rigid or fully formed idea about child/ baby care than someone who has never had one of their own.

So ... um ... go, go, go or I'll be forced to make up* my own problems.



  1. Why do you suppose people do get addicted to the Olympics? I don't care about sports, but I have been enjoying the Olympics. Nobody really cares about, say, rowing or water polo, yet you will see a room full of people sit watching these competitions, completely enthralled. Why is that?

  2. and your creativity shines once again....

    problems to solve....what to do with the "evil" step mother, who's not a step mother at all but my mother in law.....For more info read here:

    Thanks Auntie Lizzie...I'm sure you've got Dear Abby beat already!

  3. Haha! I love it. You're not going to be able to keep up with my torrent of problems. *emails you*


  4. Oh fab! This is going to be good.

    Auntie Lizzie, Auntie Lizzie. Let's see..

    I have so many issues, don't quite know where to start.. back soon..

  5. hehehe I love the way you write. Thanks for the shout out! Hmmm...what could I ask Auntie Lizzie?

  6. Perving on lithe male Olympic athletes - yay or nay? (assuming they and you are 18+...)

  7. I admit that I've been glues to the Olympics pretty much the entire time they have been on. And yes, I admit to possibly perving on the male athletes, those over 18. However, my question would have to be drinking before 2pm, yes or no?

  8. 'He was a right cunt though.'

    this made laugh till I farted.

    I HATE that word and only reserve it for the very special cunts.

    (OMG TWICE in one comment! As much as I swear on my blog I have NEVER used that word)

    ((and I managed to make the comment about me, so kinda doubled my appearance in this post thus making it ALL ABOUT ME HUZZAH!))


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