Saturday, 18 August 2012

How to bring on a period

What is the most effective thing one can do to bring on a period?

Fair enough, ten points if you said "wee on a pregnancy test".

The second most effective thing you can do is ring your Doctor on a Friday and tell her that you stopped the course of provera six days ago, are supposed to start the next round after a week and period, but you haven't had a period and are worried about whether to start the orgy of drugs or wait.

Then she tells you to arrange a scan for the following week to see what is happening. Which you do.

Then on a Saturday, when the clinic is closed, that will be when you start you period.

Anyone want to guess what is going on with me at the moment?

I'm going to cancel the scan on Monday and start taking three provera pills a day for many, many months.

Which is nice.

In the meantime I am 'enjoying' my first period since February. (I'm not counting the bleeds after womb scrape one and two).


  1. Or you could wear white pants. In public. With no supplies or change of clothes with you. That usually does it!

  2. As night follows day! At least you'll be spared the cold jelly or godforbid the wand.

    Pills for breakfast lunch and tea it is. Work your pharmaceutical magic, Provera!

  3. Am exceptionally dim today. Took a while to realise Stacey meant trousers. Not underpants.. white undies never had That Effect on me, huh, as for wearing them in public, what am I missing, I thought. A brain, I can now answer.

  4. I was going to say to start really thinking you were pregnant and start lookinig at baby clothes and then next time you go to the loo......

    Been trying to think of a good question for the agony aut page!

  5. Sigh. But hey, thumbs up on inconveniencing the doctor's office for a change! That's the reverse of usual, right?

  6. I think 5 points should be awarded to the poor girl planning "the night" with her man only to have it spoiled by her period...

    Glad it finally showed up. and here's to many many months of provera.

    And well, like areyoukiddingme said, it's nice to inconvenience the doctor's office once in a while!

  7. Small variant on the pregnancy test one- schedule an X-ray ( of unrelated body part) and when questioned if in a family way, be unable to answer. X-ray refused, sent home to pee on a stick.

    I sometimes feel like the reproductive bits have their own brain, which delights in torturing me with the yes or no issue.

  8. I am in exactly the same boat but using the red pills in cyclo-progynova to bring on the bleed so I can start my tx and yes I am wearing my white linen trousers and nothing is happening! At least you have saved yourself the cost of a scan.

  9. It was my fear of Persnickety's situation that led me to go ahead with dental x-rays scheduled during an unexpected two-week wait (early ovulation during a month that I thought we'd be apart during the fertile window). I knew that if I said I might be pregnant, I'd get my period about 30 minutes after they sent me home without them, so I decided to deny any chance of it.

    (To which Mother Nature shrugged and said, "Okay, fine. You're not. Take that.")

  10. For me, it was to schedule a weekend away with my spouse for our anniversary. Apparently that also works like a charm.

  11. Camping, it seems to do the trick here. Nothing as inconvenient as a period when staying in a tent and having to walk across fields in the rain to get to the toilet.


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