Monday, 16 July 2012

Why Are We Waiting?

It is one thing to wait before repeating IVF because you don’t feel up to it. It is quite another to have the delay enforced upon you.

I am not sure when I would do IVF if I could choose of my own free will. Summer seems like quite a good time because as you lounge about in the sun you feel more chilled out and escape the bad weather blues (even though the masses of blood tests force you to wear long sleeves whatever the season).

This year that isn’t an option, not least because, as my Grand father-in-law noted Summer has yet to start.

Regardless of the weather it is all academic. The next frozen embryo transfer will not be happening this summer. My Doctor told me in early June that she wanted me to have at least two periods following the evacuation before we try again. It is now mid-July - two months since IVFgate and I can’t tick even one of those periods off my to-do list.

I also have the added complication of my womb lining. Honestly my womb and its shenanigans could fill a whole book ... or website. Oh wait, it has filled a website.

(This one.)

In addition to having two periods my doctor also wants to check there are no nasty disruptive atypical cells lurking in the womb lining and to this end when I had my second evacuation an extra womb-scraping was sent off to the lab to be tested. I am still waiting for the results.

The plan we are currently working towards is another long stretch of quite a few months on progesterone. Quite how long will depend on what they find but in real terms I am not expecting to do IVF this side of what would have been my due date Christmas, so I won’t be a mother before 37 at the earliest.

On the plus side though, despite the delay my eggs remain suspended as those of a thirty-five-year-old's. So the wait isn’t a problem.

Is it?


  1. Well, 37 worked for me, so I'm going to say it's good. ;)

  2. So sorry for delays you can't control but hoping for great things for you.

  3. If your eggs aren't aging, and the delay is beyond your control, I say embrace the freedom of the next six months.

  4. It's all so frustrating...the waiting. I am about to embark on another ivf and have been waiting for one thing or another since March. So I feel your frustration. I gave birth at 39 (with a 38 yr old egg) so the wait isn't a problem from that standpoint - but it certainly does suck waiting. I wish we could all have this all behind us as a distant memory while cuddling our little ones. Thats my ultimate hope and dream for you :)

  5. Waiting sucks but having frozen totcicles helps (wish I had me some of them). Sounds like your doctor is doing everything possible to make this next FET work, frustrating but very good.

  6. A mother at 37 would be wonderful - though I can understand why this is so frustrating. Gaahh.. You'd need the patience of a saint.

    Still, it's true that They seem to be doing everything possible for you. Got to be good.

  7. 35 year old eggs are great....that's what I'm banking on....The waiting is the hardest part....I hope everything goes well with the tests and you can move forward before you know it!

    And isn't it nice your womb has it's own website....although I would totally buy that book....

  8. 35 year old eggs are great! That's what mine are also! Sorry your body is not cooperating with you. Waiting is the hardest part.

  9. I find the waiting to start an IVF cycle just as hard as the cycle itself. Just hurry up and get on with it is how I feel! I am waiting to cycle again, and have been since February! How can it be middle of July already?!


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