Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Don't Know Much About Histology

Look at the title of this post. What I've very cleverly done, you see, is taken the lyrics of a well-known popular music song and slightly twisted them to make them more relevant to my situation.

I know, it is this kind of comedy gold that keeps you coming back again, and again.

Except it isn't quite right as I DO now know something about my latest histology.

The verdict is that my womb is clean and disease-free.

Once I'd finished my victory lap around the Doctor's office she explained that she would still like to take the over-cautious approach we'd discussed; several months of overdosing on progesterone to suppress the my womb lining before I transfer any more frozen robot babies.

Her reasoning being that this atypical hyperplasia that likes to fester in my womb has been coming back time and time again so she just wants to make sure it isn't going to pop up again at an inopportune moment.

It is ironic that she described this approach as a 'belts and braces' one, whilst I was naked from the waist down and belts and braces were the last thing I was using.

I start progesterone in a few days for ten days, get a period and then start the long haul of a high dose progesterone-fest until about Christmas.

So ... er ... Happy New Year?

In other news Jane was interviewed by the Irish Times recently about living without children. You can read the article here.


  1. Yey to a clean bill of health!

  2. High five! It's OK, I'll wait until you're dressed.

    Good luck with the suppression.

  3. Great news! I hope the doc's plan works well...

  4. So how do you take the progesterone? Is it just a tablet or does it mean injections / pessaries until christmas (I really hope not!).

    Congrats on getting the all clear.

  5. Lucky 2013 for you... I just know it x

  6. ...don't know much biology...

    Yet, sadly, we do. (Though, come to think of it, my high school biology teacher would laugh himself silly at THAT idea).

    The plan sounds like a good one and I like the fact that the doctor is going to be aggressive about not letting any interlopers raid the womb. At the same time, Christmas. Sigh. I'm sorry it can't be sooner. The wheels of ART roll too damned slowly.

  7. Victory laps sans pants? Now THAT'S an image ... !
    This is good news. A long game's a good game.


  8. So glad everything is clear! Praying it will be the happiest new year!


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