Monday, 11 June 2012

It Was Never Gonna Be Straightforward

There is no question that I will try to get pregnant again, with three embryos chilling out in the freezer (do you see what I did there?!) it would seem wasteful in the extreme not to. I am not sure when though - recent events are still too raw to want to try again just now. However, for maybe the first time since I started trying to have a kid I feel like I have the luxury of time.

Things may change but at the moment I don't think I will go through egg collection again.  Four times is enough, if none of the three little ice cubes make it into the real world I think I will concede defeat in the baby making department. So whilst I am just a few weeks shy of 36 my remaining eggs will be that of a 35 year old's.


Whilst they lie in suspended animation my biological clock can also stop ticking quite so loudly.

Unfortunately, this more relaxed attitude doesn't mean I am free of Doctors.  The worry is that my diseased womb lining will make another bid for uterus domination and grow back preventing any kind of implantation. So I went back to my clinic to sort out a course of drugs to keep me regular (period-wise rather than bowels).

The plan is for two weeks in every five I take progesterone, I stop, I bleed, I wait a couple of weeks and repeat until I am ready for another frozen transfer.

The only question my Doctor and I had when I saw her was whether my womb lining was thick enough after the evacuation now, or whether to wait a week before I start this month's progesterone.

Fucking idiots that we are.

You'd have thought by now that I'd have learnt, but my natural optimism always wins through.

We forgot my womb-lining does like to confound expectations.

The scan didn't show the thin post-operative lining that was expected.

It seems not everything had been evacuated two weeks ago when it should have been.  The question that remains now is whether I need another operation or just time to shed the last of my tenacious  lining.

So now I have to go back to hospital again whilst the consultant decides the best course of action.

As a "belt and braces" approach, I have been prescribed some antibiotics just to ensure that an infection doesn't start. Strong antibiotics. One of which comes with a very stern warning not to mix with alcohol.

Oh well, the holiday was fun, I guess I am back on the wagon again.


  1. Of course your womb didn't cooperate as it should have! HA!
    Glad you had fun on your holiday! Back on the wagon is right!! =)

  2. Grrrr.

    It's good to take a break and get your mind in the right place. Also, there's that whole Olympics thing to get through too. Don't want to have to be anywhere at a particular time when that's going on!

  3. Bloody hell - another procedure? Desperately hoping your luck turns soon lady.

  4. Oh, for god's sake! That's ridiculous! Not what you need. Chocolate prescribed.

    (And I had the same thought about white jean wearing eyeties when I was over there. Don't they ever get caught short?)


  5. Oh dear, sorry to hear this. Incidentally just to add insult to injury those horse pills make your mouth taste disgusting, I seem to remember.

  6. I read another blog where the lady did intrallipids till 12 weeks. Is this something viablew for you guys?

  7. C'mon womb lining, cooperate a little wouldja?
    I'm glad you got a break from all of this so you are hopefully girded for battle. And I'm SO glad you have frosties to work with - one of those little guys has to work!

  8. Oh no, W4I. Arg. So sorry about that. You're so right about the wait though. The same thing happened to my friend, and after some time she got pregnant with the last frozen embryo of a few years before. So a little breathing room there, thank Heaven, while the womb gets in shape.

  9. I'm sorry your womb isn't cooperating. I hope you can just bleed it out and you don't have to go back into surgery.

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  11. I hope everything will turn out alright with your womb.


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