Thursday, 3 May 2012

Just What The Step-Mother Ordered

I think because I use to malinger quite a lot between the ages of nine and 13, faking coughs and pretending to feel a bit sick to get off school, I now HATE taking time off sick.

I finally twigged aged about 14 that being sick to avoid a bit of homework didn't actually make the problem go away but made it worse as I tried to catch up with what I'd missed and keep up with new stuff. What can I say - I am a slow learner.

I am also blessed with the immune system of a girl who went through the British boarding school system where a bit of dirt was thought to do you more good than harm. This was beautifully illustrated back in November 2010 when Moroccan Dysentery struck, I suffered for about two weeks. The husband however, who was raised by a mother who was much more hygienic than our school cooks, he was suffering for over three months.

In fact November 2010 was the last time I had a day off work sick, until this week. (I have been scrupulous about taking holiday for hospital appointments throughout my IVFs).

I didn't go into work on Tuesday - the day after that Monday - which I think is fair enough.  I got back home after the scan at about 11am and for a foolish moment thought "I don't feel so bad" and emailed my boss asking him to send me a couple of documents to work on.

I then spent the rest of the day in bed.

I'd planned to go back in to the office on Wednesday and for the remainder of the week.  After all I wasn't in pain, the morning sickness has lessened along with the number of womb-inhabitants. Also I have a particular had a problem taking time off work for self-inflicted sickness - admittedly this rule was conceived for hang-overs but what is more self-inflicted than spending ten grand on getting yourself knocked up?

Then I spoke to my step-mother - a retired nurse. It wasn't so much a suggestion than an order than I didn't return to work this week. There are some people you don't argue with, and lets just say I've seen Snow White and the seven dwarves enough times to know a step-mother is one of those people.

I can't quite bring myself to call in sick, I feel ok (other than the welcome morning sickness). So I have compromised by working from home for the last couple days.  Which has allowed me almost constant sitting down, a little kip at about mid-day and lots of 'comfort breaks'.  All in all it is rather pleasant, and with a Bank Holiday on Monday it'll be a while before I go back to work.

I could probably get back into this skiving lark.


  1. I'm not your step-mother either.... but you are ordered by the inhabitants of blog land to stay your arse at home for a few. :) You've come waaaay too far to compromise anythng at this time.

  2. What ceecee867 said :)
    Oh and just wait til you start maternity leave - you stay at home, you don't have to do any 'work' and you still get paid (a bit). Bloody great.

  3. as a practicing nurse and not your step mother...I concur....take as much time as you can....there may not be research data to prove it helps, but it can't hurt. And I say do everything you can to relax. My Dr put me on bed rest for 3 weeks when I had my bleeding episode if for no other reason to say if something bad happens, at least we know we did EVERYTHING possible to prevent it....if nothing bad happens, then it worked :)

    So put your feet up and work from home as long as you possibly can!!

    Sending hugs and prayers!!!

  4. A few days of that is definitely what the doctor ordered.

  5. I agree, this is the perfect time to take it easy to make sure that your sweet little one can nestle in for the long haul. Good thoughts coming your way.

  6. What everyone else has already said! And especially Granine. I finished my maternity leave 4 years ago, and every time I take more than a day off, I'm like "How long can I drag this out?"

    Stay off your feet. Take it easy. No sense taking any chances.

  7. Right now your first priority is you and bubs and whilst you might feel hungover you actually aren't so you deserve this break!!

  8. I agree with CW... you and your bubs are the priority. You are entitled to take time off from work and this is an absolutely legitimate reason... be gentle on yourself and rest with all that you're going through xoxo

  9. My advice is to get yourself a chaise lounge and stay on it for the next nine months. Tell everyone you are guarding your valuable ten grand investment, park the sick bowl within arms' reach, and demand to be hand fed all your weird food cravings whenever the happen.

    If they demand you go back to work, bring the chaise lounge with you. It's not unreasonable!

  10. Good- glad you listened to her- yes- you deserve some time off! Rest and try not to stress and enjoy this time that I'm sure others will understand why you need the days off. It is good for you and the baby!

  11. Womb, I'm so late to the party, but OMG congratulations! I'm so, so, so happy for you guys!

  12. Yep. I'll say what they all said. Relax. If course I'm incapable of taking my own advice in these situations. So. Yeah.

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