Monday, 2 April 2012

Not An April Fool's

This post was written 9 weeks ago:

Thursday 7:20am

It is 12 days since the wombmate’s secret IVF [secret because she told no one other than me, our other sister and (I guess) her husband that it was going to happen] on her two previous attempts this was the day she started bleeding. She told me that she has booked today and tomorrow off work, and was going to test today. She must have done her first wee of the day – she’ll know by now if it has worked.

[Checks phone]


I know what it is like. I’m not going to hassle her.

[Checks my phone]

Oh! She’s just played her turn at Words With Friends (a scrabble game for the iPhone). She wouldn’t play a game if she was upset would she?

Hmmm… no direct message through the game. No matter – just play a 36 pointer – I’m too competitive to let her win regardless of what shit she is going through.

Thursday 7:56am

She’s just played another word on the game: “map” – can’t read much into that. Still no news.




Thursday 8:16am

Well … maybe just a neutral little in-game message. Just so that she knows I’m here: “How’s things?”

Thursday 8:55am

Must work, must not check phone.

[Quickly checks phone]


Thursday 9:43am

My Brother-in-law has played his turn at Words With Friends, he wouldn’t do that if he was comforting the wombmate/ upset. He has played the word “junk” there is plenty I could read into that maybe his junk has done the trick … OMG he has sent me an in game message maybe this is it…

“Stop looking at my junk”

How did he know?

Right, he has opened the conversation let’s try and glean some information from him. Message back “If you will put it out there … How are things in your household this morning?” See, they don’t call me subtle Lizzie for nothing.

(They don’t call me subtle Lizzie at all.)

Thursday 10:32

No response from either.

Thursday 16:15

Finally a response from the wombmate: “I feel a bit bloated.” What the fuck is that meant to mean? I give in “Have you tested?”

“No. I think I might have OHSS [Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome] though”

Now she bloody tells me, all day I’ve been a nervous wreck for no reason. So I text her and tell her to drink lots of water and then ignore her for the rest of the day.

Friday 7:20am

[Checks phone] Nothing.

I will not do a repeat of yesterday. Screw her! She is dead to me.

Friday 12:15pm

I text her: “Have you tested?” Her response “Nooo too scared.”

Friday 13:12

I call her during my lunch hour.

Five Minutes later

She still hasn’t tested. She is bloated but is still weeing and isn’t short of breath or nauseous – the danger signs to look out for. I didn’t say anything at the time but OHSS usually get worse if you are pregnant, so as uncomfortable as it is this is A Good Sign. She has promised me that she will text me as soon as she tests – whenever that will be.

Saturday 8:30am

She has played her turn on Words With Friends – I message her. “Are you going to test today?” She replies “Maybe”.

Saturday 8:54am

She calls. She wouldn’t call if she was upset. I know, first hand, you can’t talk to anyone in those hours after a negative test this is also A Good Sign.

I deign to answer the call, because I’m nice like that.

She’s doing the small talk thing. ‘How are you? Where are you’ (It is before 9 on a Saturday morning, I’m in bed doofus).

I humour her.

Eventually she tells me she had a positive test.

She tells me she wanted me to be the first to know, so I give her permission to tell her husband. Turns out she already had – which makes her a lying little tyke.

It is very rare for me to hear about a pregnancy without immediately feeling my state of unpregnancy. I didn’t at all. I’m so happy for her, and for me.

I’m going to be an *unt!

I waited 9 weeks to let you guys know because she wanted to wait until her 12 week scan before going public. She had it last week and all the measurements are good and it is starting to look like a little person.

* that is an 'a' not a 'c'


  1. Wonderful news! Congrats to your sister. I hope things continue well.

  2. Awesome! Soo pleased for her and you because she can get pg and you are twins so just a little ray of hope!

  3. One down, one to go - well done womb mate!

  4. Oh wow! Wonderful news.. many felicitations, *unt!

  5. Wonderful news! Congratulations to the womb mate!!

  6. Made my day! This is such incredible news. Congratulations to the womb mate. Glorious news, indeed.

  7. Amazingly brilliant news, so excited for them and for you for being an Auntie again. The secret IVF isn't really an option for you with all of us hanging on your every word, that must be quite stressful in itself....thinking of you spikule xxxx

    1. Yup, but she was always better at keeping secrets than me.

    2. I know I couldn't keep such massive news to myself x

  8. Wonderful news! And I hope maybe this gives you some extra hope going into this next cycle...

  9. Well done wombmate!!

  10. Very glad for wombmate and very glad that you can celebrate with her! That's a big chunk of YOUR mitochondrial DNA going forward, you know! Best wishes to you all!

  11. congrats! So glad things worked for wombmate and your feeling like celebrating! Here's hoping your 3rd round is your lucky one too!

  12. Congratulations Auntie and congratulations to the wombmate. How very exciting! Praying that you are next!

  13. Ah, that's nice.

  14. YEAH! I'm so excited for you and her. Terrific news.

  15. Such fantastic news! Congratulations! Praying it is your turn next. Steph

  16. Many, many congratulations to the wombmate, and hugs to The Aunt. Fantastic news.

  17. Congratulations! What awesome news- and such an encouragement. After all, you ARE twins, so this means that this IVF cycle has got to be IT for you!

  18. Awww! Congratulations, wombmate! And you will make a fabulous aunt, unsubtle Lizzie! So happy for you both...

  19. Sandy in Florida2 April 2012 at 21:36

    Exactly what Mary Margaret said above!!

  20. Well, well, that just proves that all will be well. If there was a jinx to be broken it's done!

  21. I hope you sign all birthday cards to the approaching small one with;

    Love, your favourite *unt.

  22. What wonderful news! Tell your wombmate congrats!

  23. Congrats to the Wombmate! I hope you are shortly to follow her!

  24. Wonderful news :)) Congrats to your womb mate and hope the baby dust rubs off on you too :) xoxo

  25. Lovely news! Congratulations to the wombmate

  26. That is very happy news! And I hope it gives you a little more hope for yourself! Congrats to Mama, Dad, and new Auntie!

  27. Wonderful news! One down, one to go! Just when I didn't think it was possible to wish and hope any more that this time will be 'the one' for you... I'll be sending good vibes with even more vigor!

  28. Many congratulations to the wombmate, sending many hugs your way

  29. Congratulations to the wombmate! So very happy for her and hoping that soon you, too, will have great news to share!


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