Friday, 16 March 2012

Womb Scrape - Done

It has been a big week this week. A job interview on Tuesday and today my insides were prepped for the frozen embryo transfer.

I love the inane chit-chat of the anaesthetist as they try to put you at ease before sending you under. Today's topic was that hairdresser classic "Have you been anywhere nice on holiday?" Of course I talked about Scotland and she came back with ... (Edinburgh-based blogger Making Babies on the NHS you're going to love this) ... "Edinburgh had a lot more culture than I thought it would have."  I think she was maybe imagining a little more Braveheart and a little less Athens of the North.  But she redeemed herself by saying that she preferred Edinburgh to Glasgow. 

On waking up from and anaesthetic I was determined not to make any mistakes in my text message to the husband. Remember the first time I wrote:

"Itn out . Take you time coming over. Pleads cam you gring salt & vigniger mscoyos & leamomade."

Instead of:

"I'm out. Take your time coming over. Please can you bring Salt & Vinegar McCoys and lemonade?"

This time I really concentrated, I proof read it and everything. It wasn't so bad. I got:

"I'm out should by discarded in hour. x"

Obviously I meant "be discharged" and predictive text had its own interpretation, but a distinct improvement, and way more accurate than most of my drunk texting.

Apparently my womb lining was looking very healthy.  I'll get the biopsy results next week but it is unlikely that any of the endometrial atypia has grown back. So now more drugs, a scan in a week, intralipids in a week and a half and the transfer ... um ... well, sometime after that it all depends on how my womb lining grows.

I'm feeling pretty good now, in fact I might even take the dog out for a little stroll.  Just to get a bit of fresh air. I won't go far, maybe to the top of the road, you know, to where that new cupcake shop has opened.

What?! I was nil by mouth this morning, a girl needs to keep her energy up.


  1. Glad your lining is looking healthy - and absolutely get those cupcakes to celebrate!

  2. Those texts did make me laugh. Glad all looking ok in there.

  3. Sandy in Florida16 March 2012 at 17:05

    A girl should always have a clean womb, she never knows when she might get some company.

    Sorry, I know that was just awful, but hope it brought a smile to your face.

  4. Great that your procedure went well... good results and wonderful that you're up and about already :)) xoxo

  5. Mmmmm - cupcakes! Your drunken texts are showing much improvement...

  6. Yes! A red velvet cupcake for your red velvet womb! Or something like that. Glad it went smoothly.

  7. Ooh, hummingbird bakery? Slam dunk a black bottomed cupcake for me. xx

  8. You're better off going savoury. Their cheese and spinach muffins are the mutts nutts*

    *My pathetic attempt at sounding cool.

  9. Glad your lining looked good and everything went smoothly.

  10. Just reading the term "womb scrape" makes me wince. It sounds so painful! Really pleased all is looking good. Hope you enjoyed the cupcake(s) x

  11. Glad it went well. Loved the texts!

  12. Ha ha the cheeky mare!. Maybe she was thinking of Trainspotting...I used to get that a lot when I lived down south. Come to think of it, there used to be a Trainspotting bicycle tour that took tourists round Muirhouse where the film was set. Yup, no doubt about it, we've got culture in all its forms up here.

    I'm glad everything went well at the hospital. And congratulations on getting that job interview!


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