Saturday, 24 March 2012

The ups and downs of Progynova

I've often worried, when in the midst of a drug orgy that is IVF, that I'll take the right drug in the wrong way.

What if I inject my intra-muscular injection into my stomach (absolutely no chance of hitting a muscle there)? Or the rectal suppository takes a front bottom journey? Or, worse, I swallow it in fit of absentmindedness.

To the best of my knowledge, so far, I've negotiated the various drugs successfully.

Yesterday, at my 8 day scan to check how my troublesome womb lining is developing, the doctor decided to increase my intake of oestrogen. At the moment I'm topping up any natural oestrogen with three little Progynova pills a day - taken orally.

The Doctor told me to also take Progynova vaginally twice a day. Which was fine, I'll shove anything up there nowadays, and I asked for the prescription. She said I didn't need one as I was already taking it, "But orally" I exclaimed. It got to the point where I reached into the bag and showed her the pills I was swallowing before I twigged that she meant for me to take the same pill two ways.

At least it means I don't have to worry about taking the right pill, I just have to make sure it goes either up or down depending on the time of day.

I had heard of Viagra being prescribed in exactly the same way for womb lining growth, and I will confess I am a little disappointed that I wasn't given a bunch of that, just for the comedic (and black market) value.

We are still on for Intralipids on Tuesday which in most exciting - two and a half hours of a mayonnaise  drip.

I can hardly wait. 


  1. I always wonder, as I do, why not just eat half a jar of mayonnaise? I like mayonnaise.

    The pill schedule terrifies me. I get myself in enough knots of anxst about remembering to take an iron supplement after dinner and a multi-vitamin after lunch. If I had to cater to other orifices as well, I think there might be a Fail Moment. Probably, knowing my luck, involving swallowing the syringe and poking myself repeatedly and ineffectually in the tummy-fat with an enteric-coated capsule.

  2. I have heard one can dose oneself with the contraceptive pill the same way if one is likely to throw it straight back up again, but I've never felt the need to try it...
    I'm in awe of your schedule. I'm imagining the prettiest Excel sheet ever, with colour-coding and everything...

  3. Oh my. I am having a flashback to an old Italian flatmate who couldn't understand why her pills for The Thrush, which she was forcing down her throat, were quite so big and waxy.

    Ah, we live and learn.

    Intralipids eh? Keep us posted.

  4. I had to take a normally-oral pill as a pessary once, and was instructed to make a small hole in the capsule with a pin to help the coating break down, just before insertion. Just the thought of making the pin hole in the same thought as where I was about to insert it still makes me cringe.

  5. The weird and wonderful world of IVF !! FXd for you xoxo

  6. I consider myself a fairly intelligent human being (most days, anyway. Not particularly today, but most days), and I would have been thoroughly confused by those instructions. That's just not right!

  7. I confess the thought of 'ingesting' the same pill would have me a little perplexed, along with an eagerness to keep them separate at all times. Sales of handwash in my local Tesco would certainly increase.

  8. I confess the thought of 'ingesting' the same pill would have me a little perplexed, along with an eagerness to keep them separate at all times. Sales of handwash in my local Tesco would certainly increase.

  9. I just want to tell you that I have been following your blog off and on since 2008. I saw one of your comments on Yahoo Answers and I loved it. I clicked your link and have been reading ever since. I so admire your sense if humor through all of this. You always make me laugh even though I know how much you're hurting. This just isn't fair. You deserve to be a mom. And you will. I know it. Because it just HAS to happen. I too struggled with infertility. Which is what prompted me to follow you. So, please know that my "assvice" is incredibly well intended....Have you thought about traveling to the States to see what they might have to offer? (I'm in no way insulting you, as I'm sure you've thought of everything) I'm just saying that I had a similar experience as you and in the States it was handled in 6 months. Not 6 years. But whatever you decide will be the right choice. I'm rooting for you.

  10. I'm always amazed that the ship a huge box of drugs and needles to our homes and trust we are doing things correctly.

  11. My insurance would cover the oral progesterone with no problem. Sticking it up the cooter meant I need authorization. Nifty, right? If you do have gel coated ones to swallow and, um, shoot said cooter, I found that running them in water before doing the business made for easier application. I am pretty certain you know this, but saving anyone the drama of a "is that gel thing now stuck in a Saharan sand storm" otherwise known as a shooter cooter fail.

    Good luck. I'm keeping up and wishing a solid fleecy, ripe round bed for those cells to divide in comfort (and settle in for a good long 38 weeks).

  12. Huh. That is a little disturbing that you can take it both ways...trying not to think about that too hard.

    Excited for you, you are almost there!

  13. Yea it is a little strange you can take it both ways. I can do that with my progesterone pill if it makes me dizzy taking it orally.

    Good luck! Hoping your lining thickens up nicely and praying everything goes smoothly!

  14. Oh the indignancies we expose ourselves to! Good luck!
    Starting my oral Progynova today along with a progestrone im shot. Man that stings! Have to do them myself so reading up on the best technique. They will make druggies out of us yet

  15. i'll start my progynova this a.m ... this is my 5th doctor we do ivf also but still nothing happend so we stop all medication, goin to doctors. then after 2yrs i told my hubby to try to another doctor again now i have lots of med. to take hoping this time its the right doctor for as... its been 4yrs already that were trying to have a baby.... good luck to all of as

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