Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I am pretty sure my colleagues are starting to think I am some kind of coke fiend.

A couple of times a day I disappear into the disabled toilet for about thirty seconds. When I come out I am sniffing and wiping my nose.

The only thing that might alert them to the fact that my little jaunts aren't gak related is I wait until my phone alarm starts blaring before nipping to the littlest room, and very few addicts (in my limited knowledge) need to be reminded to ingest their substance of choice.

Also I don't emerge from the toilet and immediately start telling anyone who will listen all about me (I have a blog for that).

I am sniffing Buserelin four times a day (at home in the morning and evening and at midday and 4pm at work). It isn’t an unpleasant procedure, neither is it anything to look forward to – I am almost completely ambivalent towards it – which considering how much I disliked injecting buserelin I’d say that was a win.

What would you assume if someone you worked with was exhibiting similar behaviour?


  1. I would assume nothing until the guys from Internal Investigations showed up. But then, I work in a crime lab, and there is an unending supply of drugs in the vault.

  2. Cold? Beginning of the hay fever season? Or is the Buserelin making you hyper, tetchy and unreasonable, in which case...

  3. Never even heard of the stuff.

  4. Probably coke addiction ;-)

    Actually I'm sure no one has noticed - and as you say, this is way better than shots!

  5. That is hilarious! Of course, I would think you were some kind of speed freak! LOL Oh, man... I would love to see that. Maybe you can add some twitching and random scratching to help seal the deal? Hahaha!

  6. If anyone goes into the disabled toilet where I work everyone assumes you're pooping... I think I'd actually prefer the addiction rumors. Either that or take in a magazine and let them think you have digestive issues

  7. Much better than injecting.... and having to carry syringes etc into the toilet :) They probably haven't noticed :)) FXd for you xo

  8. I bet no one has even noticed - you are always more paranoid about your own behaviour.

    I kept the 'hayfever' excuse up my sleeve in case anyone clocked my little bottle but nobody asked or even looked. Not even when I went to pee then 3 minutes after getting back to my desk my alarm went off and I went again! Dur!

    Sniff sniff my friend. Sniff sniff.....



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