Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Arrested Development

I had my first intralipid treatment today, but I will tell you about that at another time because at the moment I am too preoccupied with my nemesis.

My sodding womb-lining.

I didn't know I had womb issues when I started, and named, this blog.  It was just a bit of a pun. Talk about nominative determinism.

New comers, don’t think you can get away with not knowing what I am talking about, here follows my potted history or hysterology, if you will.

Back in September 2008, after almost two years of infertility, I was diagnosed as having endometrial hyperplasia. This is when the womb lining grows irregularly, the cells are unhealthy, and my womb lining doesn't shed properly when I have periods and prevents implantation of any embryos.

Since then I have been on and off treatment. A mirena coil for six months here, three months worth of provera there. I've had regular womb scrape with the lining analysed to check that the cells are looking normal, sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't.

All of last year all the tests came back fine, and with no dodgy cells I managed to squeeze in three rounds of IVF back to back. But despite the womb lining looking alright at cellular level there is clearly still a problem - not least because nothing has ever implanted.

Last IVF things were a bit touch and go when on cycle day 10 my womb lining was a mere 1mm thick. However out of nowhere three days later it was 7mm thick. From having been told the IVF would have to be cancelled suddenly it was all go.

It didn't work.

The Doctor I saw afterwards decided that this round we would go straight for frozen embryo transfer.  The plan was to whisk the eggs out of me (not literally whisk, that wouldn't help with fertilisation at all) then the next cycle concentrate on making sure my womb lining was as healthy and happy as possible.

Last Friday at 7mm my womb lining seemed to be heading in the right direction.  Today, after the intralipids, I had a quick scan.  It was supposed to be a simple courtesy round just to double check that everything was developing normally.

Did that last sentence fill you with dread?

It should have.

It has given up, it hasn't grown at all in the last four days.

I'm inclined to cut my losses.  I still have five blastocysts on ice why waste one or two on a uncooperative womb?  I reckon stop now, try again next month.

The Doctor wants me to start oestrogen patches tomorrow.

I'll get another scan on Friday and see whether this round is worth continuing with or whether I can give up on any hope of a 2012 baby.


  1. Nooooooo! No uncooperative uterus this month! I refuse to accept it! Get back on track, Liz's uterus or else!

    (I have no idea or else what, but it will be very unpleasant.)

  2. BOO-URNS, Liz's endometrium, BOO-URNS.

  3. Oh I hate this for you...but let me ask...why no estrogen patches to date? Although I know I don't have the lining issues you do...the ONLY thing I did to prep for FET was Estrogen patches and lupron (to keep me suppressed).... I know you are on oral and suppository medicines...but are they estrogen based?
    Once again..I'm so sorry...I am not happy to read this for you and am not ready to give up hope....grow lining grow!!!!

  4. This stinks! So sorry to hear that!

  5. CRAP!!!!! WTF?!?!! I'm sorry that sucks. I agree if things don't look right don't do it.

  6. Oh hun.... I'm so sorry that you're going through this !! If only our bodies would cooperate... I'm feeling for you and really hope that the oestrogen helps... I've heard that it can do great things for lining :)) FXd for you xoxo

  7. Any chance of them giving you some vaginal viagra to help things along? Wait til Friday before making any final decision, but I'm inclined to agree with your thoughts of stalling for a month. Out of interest, what other drugs do they have you on at the moment and assuming Fragmin is on the list, when did they get you to start it?

    By the way himself has spent the last few weeks watching the box set of arrested development - I'm not going to be able to get that theme tune out of my head for the rest of today now!

  8. When you say "womb scrapes" do you mean a full D&C or just a biopsy? There is evidence to suggest that the endometrium is thinner for 6/12 after D&Cs anyway, (even if it doesn't cause Asherman's). Might be worth mentioning to your Dr.

    Stuff that helps endometrium that I know of (that you will probably know of too): oestrogen (cannot bring myself to spell it "estrogen"...) viagra, vitamin E (1000iu), aspirin, pentoxyphylline is supposed to but..., clexane, and my Dr also mentioned prednisolone but that obviously has side effects. Raspberry leaf tea. Also some very anecdotal stuff - hot water bottles and castor oil packs (not sure exactly what it is, look on the Asherman's website). Acupuncture.

    Give the patches a go. My Dr seems to think I'll need both oral and patches. Good luck!

  9. Oh noo... raspberry leaf tea?

    G x

  10. Crap. Just crap. I hope that things look up with the addition of estrogen, but totally understand if you would wait. Hoping that your womb decides to get on board and quick!

  11. I hate reading this. Good luck good luck good luck and I hope that the medicine helps and it gets sorted and you can move ahead as planned. I truly hate reading this.

  12. Oh no - this sucks! Has your doctor got you taking baby asprin? We were on that before our transfer to help thicken the lining.

  13. This is total bullshit! Hopefully this setback just means your twins (or extremely healthy singleton) were meant to be born at the beginning of the next year if you decide to wait until next month. Will keep 'good thick lining' thoughts and hopes for you...though there seems to be no hallmark card that addresses this situation;.)

  14. UGHHHHH. Hope it does what it did last time and improves by Friday. COME ON YOU F*CKER!!! (Never thought I'd be saying that to your womb lining.) Oh, and congratulations on this sentence. 'Talk about nominative determinism.' (got everything crossed.) xx


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