Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Gut Feeling

That sinking feeling in my stomach; that gut instinct was right.

I have felt heavier in the uterine area than normal, in fact as of this morning I have 18 follicles on my left and 7 on my right ovary. It is a wonder that I am not walking in circles with such an internal unbalance to contend with.

It is still early days and this does not mean that they will be able to harvest 25 fertilisable eggs, some follicles might be empty, other eggs might be too immature and still more might be tucked behind my uterus and out of reach. (Last IVF they had to leave three behind that were refusing to be plucked).

However, it is still a promising sign for a good haul of eggs.

Meanwhile I feel pretty uncomfortable. Nothing that stops my day to day stuff (working, cycling, eating) but enough to make me look forward to egg collection day and a chance to lighten my load. So I am uncomfortable and spending my days wiggling in my chair to find a womb-friendly position whilst wearing baggy clothes to attempt to disguise my ever growing gunt.

IVF – it really is the glamorous way to get pregnant.


  1. Go for dresses all the way! I had 19 eggs retrieved during my first IVF and none of my pants would button. The dress is your best friend during IVF.

  2. Oh my! I remember those brutally uncomfortable days. Glamorous is an understatement!!! Hang in there!

  3. I'm right behind you. It's terrible that we already look pregnant before they even put the embryos in! I'll say a prayer for lots of mature follicles.

  4. Oh Lor', I've only got the one ovary. If I do IVF the phrase 'spiralling into madness' will go totally meta.

    You poor uncomfortable lamb. I have given up on finger-crossing, so am now braiding you a four-leafed clover out of leprechaun hair.

  5. Wow sounds like good crop! I agree go with a dress.

  6. Sounds like a promising start! I hope every one of those follicles turns into a great egg!

  7. It's a good sign. And I think they're using ICSI this time around? That bodes well for upping the fertilization number.

    Everything crossed for you.

  8. Good thing maxi dresses are fashionable these days!

    Also, Go Lefty! Make all those eggs useful ones! And Righty - you too!

  9. Woot woot! 25 - that's fabulous!! I had 15 and felt rather uncomfy, I can't imagine what 25 is like. Make sure to stock up on Gatorade, and wear comfy pants ;)

  10. Such an awesome follicle report! Glamorous- that made me literally laugh out loud. I remember how I felt when I went in for my ER- I looked 4 months pregnant, and my belly was so swollen and uncomfortable. Do you have a date for the retrieval yet?

  11. I'd be rockin the Maxi dresses although no doubt it's too bloody cold for you to do that and if you're a shorty like me you'd have to rock the ever so classy knicker tuck to keep from tripping which I'm sure would just add to the glamour.

    Yay for a good number of follies, I hope they all keep growing lovely for you.


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